Rating of the best electric scooters for adults according to the opinions of buyers. Which adult electric scooter should you choose? Features, pros and cons of each model.

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The electric scooter is an innovative device that allows you to comfortably and easily travel long distances in a relatively short time. Nowadays such devices are very popular in cities, replacing classic bicycles. Before you buy this or that model, be sure to pay attention to the best adult electric scooters presented in this review.

Which company is the best electric scooter for adults?

< p>To understand which electric scooter to choose for an adult, it is imperative to focus on the best manufacturers of these devices. The TOP includes companies like:

  • Ninebot. A subsidiary of a brand like Segway is known by this name. The acquisition took place relatively recently – in 2015. Currently, the company is developing rapidly and constantly releases a number of the latest ecological vehicles, which are popular all over the world.
  • Mijia . This is the name of one of the subsidiaries of the famous Chinese company Xiaomi. The products of this brand are distinguished by a relatively low cost. At the same time, Mijia products can outperform some more expensive products in terms of technical characteristics and functionality.
  • Hiper… This international consumer electronics retailer was founded in 2001 in Great Britain. The company adheres to high quality standards, thanks to which it has gained the trust of buyers, which is only confirmed over time.
  • Pneumatic wheel… The company was founded in 2004. Since then it has become one of the centers of research and development, marketing, production and logistics in several countries. Among them are the United States of America, the People’s Republic of China and Belgium.
  • Zaxboard. The company is the first premium brand of electric scooters to enter the Russian market. At the moment, the company produces really high-tech products that win in the competition with the products of many other companies.
  • Kugoo. A well-known Chinese company produces inexpensive electric scooters. The company aims to produce impeccable means of transport that are accessible to everyone. To this end, specialists at all stages of production, without exception, constantly check the build quality of all models.
  • SpeedRoll. In 2012, this company occupied a niche in the production of electric vehicles . A few years later, the company significantly expanded its capacity. Several popular lines of various models were released, which gained popularity among buyers.
  • Tanko. This company is in the Russian relatively recently entered the market. It’s not as popular as many other brands. In addition, the variety of goods is not the most significant. However, they can compete with more well-known brands.
  • ELSport… The company is engaged in the selection of the most interesting models of scooters from relatively small manufacturers in the entire Russian Federation. After that, they are sold – both retail and wholesale.

Review of electric scooters for adults

The best electric scooters for adults were selected after careful analysis.It included studying the available user reviews on the network, expert opinions and the results of objective tests of various models. The selection of the nominees was based on factors such as:

  • Dimensions;
  • Maximum load level;
  • Maximum speed;
  • Production material;
  • Charging time;
  • Motor power;
  • Device weight;
  • Motor power.

So it has become much easier for adults to find an electric scooter for the city. The main thing is to pay attention to the objective factors listed above when buying. All of them are considered in this review.

Best Electric Scooters for Adults

Adult electric scooters in TOP are models with the optimal combination of price and quality. All of them are developed by well-known global brands that managed to gain good reputation among customers.

Ninebot Kickscooter ES2

This scooter is equipped with two wheels made of polyurethane. The front has a 200mm radius and the rear has a 190mm radius. The maximum load that the aluminum alloy frame can withstand is 100kg. The model can reach speeds of up to 25 km / h. It is foldable, so it does not take up much space in the apartment. The scooter can travel up to 25 km without charging. Its engine power is 300 W. Product weight – only 12.5 kg. The kit includes shock absorber, foot brake, hand brake and footrest.

Ninebot Kickscooter ES2


  • Good battery life;
  • Compactness;
  • Fast charging;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Easily driving on a flat road without damage.


  • Not very good build quality
  • Weak rear wing.

The scooter has a fairly practical display. It shows the speed of the device and the charge of the battery.

Mijia M365

The manufacturer equipped the model with two identical rubber wheels with a diameter of 216 mm. The aluminum alloy frame can withstand loads of up to 100 kilograms. The maximum speed of the model reaches 25 km / h. Due to the fact that the model is foldable, it is easy to store it in the apartment and at home. The handlebar height is 97 centimeters. The product can drive about 30 km without charging. The engine power reaches 250 W, the weight of the scooter is 12.5 kg. Includes handbrake, disc brakes and footrest.

Mijia M365


  • Ease of use and light weight;
  • Reasonable mileage without recharging;
  • Good performance of the built-in flashlight;
  • Relatively low cost.< /li>


  • Wipe tires;
  • Steering play.
  • < /ul>

    There is no display on the scooter itself to show speed and mileage. This data can only be accessed with a smartphone. At the same time, ways must be found to attach it to the steering wheel.

    Hiper VX500

    This electric scooter is equipped with wheels made of polyurethane. Its diameter is 127 mm, and aluminum alloy is used to manufacture the frame. The maximum load is 100 kg. The product can reach speeds of up to 20km/h. The model is foldable, making it easy to store even in the smallest of spaces. Without charging, it can only travel 7 km. The engine power reaches 180 W. The vehicle weight is only 7.7 kg. Includes footbrake, handbrake and footrest.

    Hiper VX500


    • The convenience of use;
    • Frame strength;
    • Good guidance;
    • Small but bright flashlight;
    • Fast charging of the battery.


    • Small wheel diameter;
    • Operating difficulties on rough roads.

    The technical characteristics of the model correspond to those indicated. When the city road surface is not very smooth, the model is very difficult to operate.

    This inexpensive and powerful scooter offers one of the best value for money.

    Airwheel z3

    This powerful electric scooter for adults has fairly large wheels with a diameter of 203 mm. The maximum load that the model can withstand is 100 kg.The product allows you to reach speeds of up to 20 km / h. The model is foldable, so it is quite easy to store it in an apartment or house. The steering wheel height reaches 97 cm, without charging the scooter can drive up to 30 km. The engine power is 350 watts. Product weight – 10 kg. The kit includes a shock absorber, handbrake and footrest.

    Airwheel z3

    Advantages< /strong>

    • Large inflatable wheels;
    • Smartphone connectivity;
    • Comfortable steering wheel position;
    • Convenient footrest.


    • Low battery capacity;
    • Poor physique.
    • < /ul>

      Shoppers notice steering column knocking, lack of app-less load control, and poor manufacturer service. Nevertheless, this cheap scooter is in demand.

      Zaxboard Titan

      A special feature of this electric scooter are its large wheels with a diameter of 247 mm. The maximum load that the aluminum alloy frame can withstand is 150kg. The product allows you to reach high speeds – up to 55 km / h. The scooter can travel up to 80 km without charging. This is due to the fact that the power of its engine is 2000W. Model weight – 36 kg, including shock absorber, foot brake, hand brake, disc brakes and footrest.

      Zaxboard Titan

      < strong>Advantages

      • Big wheels;
      • Ability to drive off-road;
      • Significant battery performance;
      • < li>Significant engine performance;

      • Robust frame.


      • Not very good sealing;
      • Dependence on overloads.

      With a significant body weight, the scooter cannot ride the specified period of time without recharging. At the same time, the load does not affect the speed at all. This helped to understand the review of user reviews previously done to create this review.

      Best Adult Electric Scooters with seat

      Any adult electric scooter with seat is more comfortable for the above. That is why some people prefer to buy only such models. Below is a brief description of the most popular among them. They are characterized by an optimal combination of price and quality.

      Kugoo Max Speed ​​​​500W

      The diameter of the rubber wheels of this model is 254 mm. It can withstand loads of up to 150 kg. The maximum speed that this vehicle develops is 50 km per hour. This big wheel electric scooter is foldable. You can travel up to 40 km without charging. In this case, the engine power is 500 W. The weight of the model reaches 23 kg. The kit includes a shock absorber, handbrake, disc brakes and footrest.

      Kugoo Max Speed ​​​​500W


      • Smooth ride;
      • Stable operation of alarm, light and signals;
      • Large Wheels;
      • Good ground clearance;
      • Low weight.


      • Steering column play;
      • The battery is not 13A but only 10A.

      Many parts were assembled incorrectly. For this reason, customers have to redesign the connections to ensure higher reliability, which affects the service life.

      SpeedRoll SG05

      The rubber wheel diameter of this scooter is 305 mm. The maximum load that the aluminum frame can withstand is 110 kg. The vehicle develops a speed of up to 30 km / h. It’s foldable. As a result, saving the model is not particularly difficult. It cannot travel more than 30 km without charging. The motor power of the scooter is 350 W. Product weight – 14 kg, including handbrake and footrest.

      SpeedRoll SG05


      • Light weight;
      • Considerable wheel diameter;
      • Smooth running;
      • Affordable cost.


      • Not built very well;
      • Simple design.

      The ergonomic performance of the model is quite good. They were achieved at the expense of a not very attractive appearance.

      Tanko T8

      The diameter of the plastic wheels on this scooter is not very large – only 150 mm. The maximum load it is designed for is 75 kg. Vehicle speed can not reach more than 15km/h. The model is foldable. It can travel about 15 km without charging. The engine power is only 120 watts.The weight of the device is 11 kg, the set includes an adjustable steering wheel, a handbrake and a footrest.

      Tanko T8< /p>


      • Light weight;
      • Relatively stable frame;
      • Adjustable steering wheel;
      • Folding mechanism.


      • Small wheels;< /li>
      • Poor physique.

      Before you buy an electric scooter, you need to be aware that this model is not the best of those presented above.

      Users notice insufficient engine performance, poor charging and low component strength.

      The best three wheel electric scooters for adults

      < /h2>

      The three-wheel electric scooter for adults is characterized above all by its stability. They are much more stable and therefore also suitable for young and old. Therefore, such a device is more practical to use. Demand for such models has only recently increased.

      SpeedRoll T601

      The electric scooter of this model has an unusual appearance. The front rubber wheel is twice the size of the rear one. Their diameters are 406 and 203 mm, respectively. The product can withstand loads of up to 150 kg. For this purpose, the manufacturer has provided a sturdy aluminum alloy frame. The maximum vehicle speed is 25 km per hour. It can travel up to 35 km without charging. The engine power is 350 W, the weight of the model is 37.5 kg, the set includes a handbrake.

      SpeedRoll T601


      • The convenience of use;
      • Easy operation;
      • Robust construction;
      • Relatively long travel time without recharging.


      • Not very attractive appearance;
      • Low top speed.

      Users note the lack of functionality of the model compared to its competitors. Regardless, the SpeedRoll T601 is the best three-wheel scooter in this ranking.

      EL-Sport SF 8 48V / 10Ah

      The diameter of the wheels on this electric scooter is 305mm. The frame of the model is made of steel alloy. It can withstand loads of up to 110 kg. The product develops a speed of 25 km / h. The model is foldable. It is very easy to store it in a small space. It can travel up to 35 km without charging. The engine power is 350 W. The scooter weighs 37 kg, the set includes a shock absorber, an adjustable steering wheel, a handbrake, disc brakes and inflatable wheels.

      EL-Sport SF 8 48V / 10Ah


      • The convenience of use;
      • Compliance with the specified manufacturer characteristics;
      • Attractive appearance;
      • Big wheels;
      • Easy running.


      • Lack of space for pockets;
      • Lack of moisture protection.

      The Model is designed for quiet walks on a relatively high-quality road surface. The scooter does not cope well with hill climbing on wet asphalt.

      Which adult electric scooter should you buy?

      It is not easy for adults to buy a cheap electric scooter. To do this, you need to focus on the technical characteristics and functions. It is worth considering the maximum speed, the degree of endurance, the overall dimensions, the duration of the trip without recharging, the power of the engine and the volume of the battery. You also need to focus on the fact that the choice of model should be based on reviews.

      • High-performance long-distance electric scooter – Zaxboard Titan;
      • Cheap model with acceptable performance – Airwheel Z3;
      • The lightest scooter is the Hiper VX500;
      • Convenient option on three wheels – SpeedRoll T601;
      • For the longest rides – Kugoo Max Speed ​​500W.

      Having analyzed all the details, you can understand which electric scooter for adults is better to choose. To do this, you must first compare the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each model.

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