If you are still undecided whether to buy them or not, here is everything you need to know about AirPods, from the output to the compatibility, from the first pairing to where to buy them to the repair costs, passing by curiosity and also a look at the future version of AirPods 2.

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The release of the AirPods, or the AirPods headphones that someone calls them (but Apple speaks in the male) was a surprising phenomenon. The attention of the public was attracted by the style and the fact that these are wireless earphones that have had the great merit of popularizing the “total wireless” technology.

Unlike other products, in fact, the connection is wireless not between them and the device, but also between the two earphones. This path has also been followed by many competitors, small and large, making this form factor the fastest growing one of the moment.

Among other peculiarities is the case that contains a battery capable of extending autonomy when the earphones are placed inside. Apple has also already promised a wireless charging version of the case, while the market awaits the AirPods 2 headphones that nothing is currently known for sure, but which is much discussed.

The launch of the AirPods headphones

The AirPods were presented in September 2017, on the same stage where Apple gave birth to the iPhone 7 and 7 plus but were actually made available in December and immediately sold out. For a long time they were available in very limited quantities. Now they are easy to find and the profits from them are huge . On the market, they are rarely found outside the official channels. Their success is such that AirPods clones are another parallel phenomenon and also quite dangerous for less attentive customers.

The AirPods as they are made

The AirPods are aesthetically very similar to the “old” EarPods. The part that enters the ear hole has remained the same. This design was introduced a few years ago with great emphasis by Jony Ive, who explained how the current headphones are the result of a study on many different types of ears to suit practically everyone. Many Apple customers and especially many sound experts and purists, however, criticize both the shape and the materials.

A substantial difference compared to the wire model is in the “stick” that takes the place of the cables. It is necessary to better balance the single earphone, but also and above all to contain the antennas and the battery, as well as to draw on the charge that comes from the case.

Apple AirPods headphones

The box that contains the earphones has been compared to a floss box due to its rounded shape and size. It is not only a case, but also the charging point of the earphones, whose small batteries can only be restored with this accessory. In turn, the box is recharged using a Lightning cable, the same as the iPhone and iPad. Inside, the case contains a battery that recharges the Airpods, increasing their autonomy.

The strength of this kit is the hint, complete absence of wires or cables but also weight and size make the difference. Each AirPods weighs 4 grams , while the charging case weighs 38 grams. Each earphone measures 16.5 x 18.0 x 40.5mm, while the charging case measures 44.3 x 21.3 x 53.5mm.

Technical features

AirPods headphones are designed by Apple around the Apple W1 chip , a proprietary processor that handles many of their functions. Thanks to the integrated optical sensors, and the movement accelerometer, the earphones detect contact with the ear: the chip W1 automatically activates the microphone and routes the audio to both earphones, or only to what you are using. In addition to this, the AirPods have numerous other peculiarities:

  • They activate and log on automatically
  • One-tap configuration for all Apple devices
  • Quick access to Siri with a double tap
  • Over 24 of battery life with the charging case
  • Fast charging in the case
  • Accelerometer of movement
  • Voice accelerometer (when they perceive that there is a call and are in use, they limit the background sounds)
  • Battery and power

AirPods Compatibility

First of all, it is good to know with which devices you can use AirPods . Although Apple has optimized AirPods for their iOS devices , with a simplified pairing process. To use them to their full extent on iOS, however, you need an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 10 or later. They can also be used with Apple Watch with watchOS 3 or later, Apple TV with tvOS 11 or later and Mac with macOS Sierra or later subsequent system. Here is the complete list of officially supported iOS devices:

iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5. They are also compatible , with iPad 10.5 ″ iPad Pro, 12.9 ″ iPad Pro (2nd generation), 12.9 ″ iPad Pro (1st generation), 9.7 ″ iPad Pro, iPad iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, with iPod iPod touch (6th generation) and all Apple Watches, Apple TV 4K and Apple TV (4th generation).

In any case, the earphones are also compatible with other devices, such as Android smartphones and tablets. The functions on this type of devices are however limited. In fact, these are normal Bluetooth headsets.

Apple AirPods

Configuration on iOS

As already mentioned, Apple has simplified the operation of pairing between AirPods and iOS devices as much as possible . The first setup of AirPods is immediate and requires very few steps. First of all you need to turn on your iPhone or iPad and go to the Home screen. Once this is done, simply open the case with the AirPods inside, keeping it close to the iPhone. At this point, an animation is displayed on the iOS device; it will be necessary to click on Connect to successfully complete the pairing procedure. If you are signed in to iCloud, the AirPods will be automatically configured to work correctly on any supported device that logs into iCloud with the same Apple ID.

Apple AirPods headphones

AirPods headphones with Android

Although the fully automated process described above will not work with Android devices, since the AirPods are Bluetooth headsets, they can also be used on Google smartphones and tablets. In order to pair an Android device with AirPods it is necessary to open the AirPods case and hold down the button on the back of the case for a few seconds, until the LED above starts flashing. From now on you can open the Bluetooth menu on your Android terminal, search for available devices and click on AirPods, at which point the Apple wireless earphones will work on Android.

AirPods with iPhone and Mac

Pairing AirPods headphones with iOS and Android devices is simple; just as immediate is their use. And in fact, after following the pairing steps, simply take the AirPods out of the case to start using them. It is enough to bring them in the ears to start listening from the audio of the device. Also in this case the use is optimized for iOS devices, with some automations: if you remove one of the AirPods from your ear, the audio will be paused , while if you remove them both, the audio will be cut off totally. On Android, however, their use is identical to that of any other Bluetooth headset.

In iOS, however, the AirPods can be connected to the iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time : the audio will automatically pass from one device to another, depending on the source from which the audio.

AirPods headphones

Use the AirPods

The AirPods placed in the ear, as mentioned, they work immediately. They connect to the device and reproduce music. When you are removing an ear AirPod, the audio pauses. If you remove both of them, the sound stops.

Switch from one device to another

You can switch from one device coupled to AirPods in this way. On iPhone and iPad:

  1. Open the Control Center .
  2. Press strong fund or hold the audio panel in the upper right corner of the Control Center to control the sound.
  3. Tap the symbol you see reproduced here by
  4. Choose the device you are interested

    To move to a combined Mac, you have to go in sound control and choose to enable AirPods

    Answering a call with AirPods

    Apple AirPods how the double tap

    answer calls on AirPods, just do double-tap the root of the stick that descends from the headset. To end the call do even double tap.

    We can make sure that Siri ads who is calling. It must operate on the Settings & gt; Phone & gt; Read caller name. You can ask to read the name of

    • all incoming calls
    • Only incoming calls while you drive or use earphones
    • only received calls while using earphones.

    Using the double-tap

    When we do not use the AirPods to answer calls the double-tap can be configured for other purposes than control Siri. You can make the double tap can

    • Play and pause the audio content
    • Go to next track
    • Return to the previous track
    • Disable the audio content

    So you should tap the “i” next to AirPods in Bluetooth, the list of devices and choose what to do depending on the selected headset, right or left.

    Apple AirPods screen preferences

    Other configurations of AirPods headphones

    • AirPods detect the presence ear and manage audio consequently turning it off or suspending it. You can edit this feature in Bluetooth- & gt; AirPods – & gt; “I” – & gt; Automatically detect. The sound will also be played back in headphones removed from the ears.
    • each AirPod is present a microphone . By default, the microphone is set to Automatic, so both AirPods can act as a microphone. If you use one AirPod, this will act as a microphone. You can set the microphone to Always Always on the left or right. Once removed the Airpod which acts as a microphone, the other can not be used to speak

    AirPods with Siri

    AirPods supports Siri or, if you will, Siri supports AirPods. Through earphones, in fact, you can ask Siri to make a call, provide directions or find out the weather of the day. Obviously, to invoke Siri will be necessary to set it up, with the procedure described above, as an action to be invoked with the two touches. Siri can also control your music and check for AirPods. Here are some Examples of requests to Siri:

    • “Let me listen to my favorite playlist.”
    • “Pump up the volume.”
    • “How can I go home?”
    • “Skip forward.”
    • “Pause music.”
    • “How is the battery of my AirPods?”

    AirPods with Google Assistant

    By default AirPods not interact with Google on Android Assistant; to use earphones Wireless to call the ‘ Google digital assistant will need to use’ special app : AirPodsforGA, completely free. It has been removed from the Google Play Store a few months ago, but you can download the APK from the secure site APKMirror .

    Apple AirPods with google assistant

    Listening to music with AirPods

    We tested the AirPods, providing you with a review at this address , where you can find all the information on the quality of the earphones, battery life and operation in general.

    If you were looking for a pair of Bose or Senneisers, the AirPods are not the answer. The sound pressure that the membrane of these two small speakers can exert is not substantially different from that of the EarPods, the standard headphones with wire and the new Lightning attack. They live up to a pair of PowerBeats3 Wireless (which cost slightly more).

    apple airpods review

    The range of the Bluetooth is more than good (well beyond the size of a room: empirically tested up to 23 long steps of distance in a straight line before losing the signal).

    Phoning with headphones


    The call quality, of course, depends on a lot of factors, not all attributable to headphones. Under normal conditions – indoors, in bars with normal ambient noise – they perform very well. Whoever receives the call has no problems, except for the entry of spurious noises from below: if you are washing the dishes and using headphones, the sound of water is likely to enter because the “cannons” of the earphones point downwards. The quality is instead impacted by background noises present in an important way, such as in the subway.

    gene munster airpods

    Since the microphone is physically far from your mouth you have to speak loudly because it is not possible to put the microphone closer. This approach works well as an audio technique. Furthermore, the noise filter which recognizes voices and isolates and amplifies them, has a tendency to catch the voices of passersby when we walk and pass someone who is talking, with rather abrupt entry of strangers’ voices into the phone call.

    Autonomy and battery management of the AirPods

    The integrated W1 chip is a low-consumption chip, particularly efficient when it comes to managing the battery: according to Apple’s statements, AirPods reach a record of 5 hours of uninterrupted listening on a single charge. Moreover, thanks to the case with integrated battery, it is possible to recharge them several times, for a total of over 24 hours of listening. In addition, with a charge of only 15 minutes in the case, they offer at least 3 hours of autonomy. These data in the course of our tests seemed very true and on some occasions even pessimistic. AirPods have excellent battery life.

    Low_load of AirPods

    When the charge level of the AirPods drops below an acceptable level, the headphones emit a sound. A second sound will be heard just before the AirPods shut down.

    Check the charge of the Airpods

    The charge of the AirPods can be checked in four ways

    1. Placing the earphones in the case. If the LED lights up green they are fully charged, if it lights up orange they are charging
    2. If you are using an iPhone or iPad just bring the open case with the AirPods inside, an indication of the charge of both the AirPods and the case will appear
    3. Using the iPhone battery widget . To see the charge of the AirPods case inside you must find at least one earphone
    4. Using a Mac and the Bluetooth menu. Hovering over the AirPods wording, we will see the charging of the earphones. You will not have the charge level of the case

    It is also possible to get a rough indication of the charge of the AirPods by placing the earphones in the case. If the green LED lights up the earphones are charged, if the orange LED lights up they are charging. If you take the earphones out of the case, the LED will indicate the charge status of the case only

    Recharge AirPods

    To charge your AirPods, simply place them in the case and close the lid. The AirPods turn off and charge whenever they’re in the case. You can charge both the AirPods and the case by connecting the latter to an Apple Lightning to USB cable.

    Recharge the AirPods case

    To recharge the case, simply connect it to a power source via the Apple Lightning to USB cable.

    airpods battery

    Reset AirPods

    If your AirPods are not working, after making sure they are charged you should follow the steps below before resetting

    1. Insert the earphones into the case. Then ask for the lid, wait at least 15 seconds. Please try again
    2. If the earbuds still don’t work, press and hold the setup button on the back of the case. The indicator will flash white. Repeat the combination.
    3. If there are still problems, reset the AirPods by holding down the configuration button for at least 15 seconds, until the indicator flashes amber a few times and then white

    Find My AirPods

    Apple’s AirPods are easier to lose precisely because they have no cables whatsoever: luckily Apple, with the release of iOS 10.3 , has introduced Find My AirPods, a function specially designed to help user to trace them in case of loss. Opera, as we explain here , more or less like Find My iPhone, by ringing the earphones to find them or report their last location. The system is particularly useful in some circumstances, while on other occasions it can do little. In summary

    • You can find where the AirPods are using iCloud in the same way as Find My iPhone
    • Find My AirPods only works if the earbuds are out of the case and connected via Bluetooth to an iOS device
    • Find My AirPods only works for the earphones themselves, while it cannot locate the location of the case
    • You can no longer track AirPods if they have been disconnected from the iPhone and reinserted into the charging case.

    find my AirPods

    Repair AirPods

    To repair the AirPods you must necessarily resort to Apple. This happens for the reason that they are impossible to disassemble and the spare parts would, moreover and consequently, not be found. Apple offers some basic options that you see listed below

    Apple AirPods repair costs

    In practical terms, if you have to change the battery of two AirPods earphones, you should probably buy a new pair. And if they need to be repaired for other reasons, so too. If one of the two Airpods gets lost, there is an interesting option instead.

    I only lost one AirPod

    Few people probably know that you can buy even a single headset, in case it gets lost. In fact, looking in stores and on the net there does not seem to be the availability to purchase a single AirPod, but looking carefully at the Apple support pages it turns out that, in case of loss, it is possible to buy one only at a cost of 79 euros. This option, of course, is only available at authorized stores.

    AirPods 2, have arrived

    Here are the differences with the previous model

    [su_table responsive = “yes”]

    AirPods 1
    AirPods 2

    Battery Life Conversation
    2 hours
    3 hours

    Music Battery Life
    5 hours
    5 hours


    Bluetooth version

    Siri activation
    double tap to activate
    double tap for voice activation

    Wireless charge
    with additional purchase of wireless charging cases
    with Wireless Charging Case

    Minimum iOS required
    iOS 10 or later
    iOS 12.2 or later

    minimum watchOS required
    watchOS 3 or later
    watchOS 5.2 or later

    minimum macOS required
    macOS High Sierra or later
    macOS 10.4.4 or later

    Apple TV support

    Synchronization speed with devices

    Less than 30%

    Battery life with charging case
    24 hours
    24 hours

    Audio and voice quality

    [/ su_table]

    A detailed article on AirPods 2 can be found here

    Buy AirPods

    Those who want to buy AirPods can buy in Apple stores and authorized resellers, as well as online directly from Apple at the price of 179 euros . The earphones are on sale also on eBay at lower prices . Amazon is also interesting where you can find them discounted and with the satisfaction or refund clause, with direct coverage from Amazon prime. If you buy elsewhere, know that buying original iPods for less than 145 and occasionally 130/135 euros is currently impossible; only during Black Friday did they even drop, albeit slightly, below this price. You can, however, buy numerous clones of the AirPods, even at very low prices. Assuming that it is the appearance and not the substance that is your interest

    [amazon_link asins = ’B01MCW7EOW’ template = ’GridMacitynet5 ′ store =’ macitynet0d-21 ′ marketplace = ’IT’ link_id = ’05cfcf6e-3d60-11e8-a2b4-15c0138ffb19 ′]

    Accessories AirPods

    On Amazon you can also buy numerous accessories for the Airpods, such as cases, supports, rubber pads for better stability. They can be found here .

    Even accessories like AirPods can, in turn, have dedicated accessories. The accessory of the moment for iPhone, AirPods, has several accessories that you can combine: in this address the best , in our opinion, to enhance Apple’s wireless earphones. Here are some tips

    [amazon_link asins = ’B01LVZ4SXN’ template = ’GridMacitynet5 ′ store =’ macitynet0d-21 ′ marketplace = ’IT’ link_id = ’05cfcf6e-3d60-11e8-a2b4-15c0138ffb19 ′]

    [amazon_link asins = ’B071P7F5VT’ template = ’GridMacitynet5 ′ store =’ macitynet0d-21 ′ marketplace = ’IT’ link_id = ’05cfcf6e-3d60-11e8-a2b4-15c0138ffb19 ′]

    [amazon_link asins = ’B075B6Y7WH’ template = ’GridMacitynet5 ′ store =’ macitynet0d-21 ′ marketplace = ’IT’ link_id = ’05cfcf6e-3d60-11e8-a2b4-15c0138ffb19 ′]

    We have also dedicated a specific page of our site to the topic with an in-depth analysis and 8 recommended products i. Start Here .

    Alternatives to AirPods

    If AirPods are too expensive, but you still like completely wireless headphones, there is no shortage of alternatives. Over the past few months, a number of products have appeared that offer, if nothing else, the completely wireless connective function. We at Macitynet tried and were surprised by the Syllable DX9 . Recommended, as well as the Zolo Liberty , the Jabra 65T and the Xiaomi MI Airdots

    [amazon_link asins = ’B076CDF4VL’ template = ’GridMacitynet5 ′ store =’ macitynet0d-21 ′ marketplace = ’IT’ link_id = ’05cfcf6e-3d60-11e8-a2b4-15c0138ffb19 ′]

    [amazon_link asins = ’B075JBP2P7 ′ template =’ GridMacitynet5 ′ store = ’macitynet0d-21 ′ marketplace =’ IT ​​’link_id =’ 05cfcf6e-3d60-11e8-a2b4-15c0138ffb19 ′]

    [amazon_link asins = ’B07BHY7M8P’ template = ’GridMacitynet5 ′ store =’ macitynet0d-21 ′ marketplace = ’IT’ link_id = ’05cfcf6e-3d60-11e8-a2b4-15c0138ffb19 ′]

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