Do you want to buy/order a PlayStation 5 online? The GamePro ticker collects all current information about PS5 availability in Germany for you.

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Since its release in November 2020, the PlayStation 5 has been a highly coveted piece of hardware. It is only available for a short time at the individual retailers. Every so-called “drop” is therefore eagerly awaited. So that you know when and where you can buy a PS5, we will keep you informed in this article. We try to inform you as far as possible before the possible availability.

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Buy PS5: Ticker in March 2022

Update on March 30th at 09:38: Hello everyone, today we have good news again! The PS5 Digital Edition will very likely be available on Amazon today, though only for Prime customers for now. Luckily, a Prime subscription is quick to buy, so you might have plenty of time before the sale starts. We will then inform you as soon as possible, but until then there is a link to the product page.

Here is the PS5 Digital Edition on Amazon

Update on March 25th at 10:19 am: Good morning! The two drops at MediaMarkt were probably not the end. Müller now has a PS5 drop too.

Update on March 23 at 4:25 p.m.: And here we go. After the PS5 drop just now, the Xbox Series X can also be bought at MediaMarkt. Since the servers are very busy at the moment, the site can respond a little slowly. So keep calm and good luck!

Xbox Series X at MediaMarkt

Update on March 23 at 3:59 p.m.: Be quick now! At MediaMarkt there is currently the PS5 together with Horizon Forbidden West and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves. If you don’t get one right away just stay tuned for a while as sometimes the consoles are released in waves.

PS5 bundle at MediaMarkt

Update March 10th, 11:14 am: You can now get a PS5 bundle again from O2! You get the console in the disc version, plus Horizon: Forbidden West together with 20 GB data volume and Allnet Flat. The additional payment is only one euro plus another 4.99 euros for shipping:

Get your PS5 in a bundle at O2 now

Update March 4, 12:15 p.m.: There’s PS5 news! We had already reported in the past few days that you can easily order the PS5 from E together with an electricity contract. Previously, you had to pay an additional fee of €349 for the console, but starting today, E wie Einfach has reduced the prices! You only have to pay €299 for the PS5 – the console will then be sent to you 14 days after signing the contract.

PS5 Bundle at E like easy [Advertisement]

Update March 4, 9:47 a.m.: The PS5 is not currently available for purchase, but you can currently buy the Nintendo Switch OLED at the best price in the Amazon offer. You can get the console for only 323.99 euros. The discount will be deducted at checkout.

Buy Nintendo Switch OLED on sale

Buy PS5: Ticker in February 2022

Update February 28th 10:30am: If you don’t want to wait until the next PS5 drop, then E wie Easy might be something for you. There you can currently get a bundle consisting of PS5, Horizon Forbidden West & 12 months of PlayStation Plus along with a new energy plan. Your new electricity contract provides you with 100% green electricity for 24 months with a 24-month price guarantee. For the PS5 you have to make a one-off payment of €349, the console will then be sent to you 14 days after the contract is signed.

PS5 Bundle at E like easy [Advertisement]

Update February 24th 11:23am: There is silence in the PS5 market this Thursday. Of course we’ll stay on the ball for you.

Update from February 24, 09:10: Here we are again! Today we will keep you up to date on the PS5 and hope for good news. So far, there are no signs of a sale in the near future.

Update from February 23, 2:40 p.m.: Well, our gut feeling must have let us down completely. After all, there were a few PS5 consoles on Amazon UK today. In Germany, however, the next major drop is still a long time coming.

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Update from February 23, 09:00: We wish you a wonderful good morning! Yes, we are optimistic today that something will happen after the slow Tuesday – even if there are currently no signs of this. But as we all know, hope dies last. If there’s something new, you’ll get it freshly served here.

Update February 22nd, 12:48pm: Unfortunately there was no public sale of the PS5 and even some invited users apparently got nothing. It’s unlikely that anything else will come today, but we’ll keep our eyes open and monitor other shops as well.

Update from February 22, 09:35: Good morning! There’s finally good news again: Today PlayStation Direct will be available to buy the PS5. Initially only for invited customers, but in the past it was often the case that a public sale would also take place afterwards.

For invited PSN users (who should have already received an email on this subject), the sale is much more relaxed since there are no bots or scalpers to deal with. However, a credit card is required for purchase.

Update from February 21, 2:57 p.m.: There is still no news about Otto or a drop at other retailers. However, the offer from e wie simply with PS5, Horizon Forbidden West and PS Plus in the electricity tariff is still available.

PS5 at E like easy

For 24 months you get 100% green electricity with a price guarantee. A one-off additional payment of €349 is due for the PS5 and it will be sent to you 14 days after the contract is signed.

Update from February 21, 11:04: At Otto, the PS5 was available for purchase for a brief moment. Since it was probably a very small stock, it is unfortunately already sold out again. There is a possibility, however, that there could be a replenishment in the near future. It’s best to keep an eye on the product page at Otto for a while.

Update from February 21, 09:22: Good morning everyone! The day starts well, because the Nintendo Switch OLED is currently available again at Saturn and MediaMarkt.

Update from February 18, 10:51 am: Hello everyone! Although there is no new information about possible PS5 drops at the moment, there is currently a cheap Nintendo Switch OLED in the O2 mobile phone contract.

Nintendo Switch OLED in the O2 Free M plan

The O2 Free M tariff includes 20 GB data volume, 4G LTE or 5G and an all-network flat rate – of course there is also the Nintendo Switch OLED. All of this costs EUR 39.99 per month with a term of 24 months. In addition, a one-off payment of 11.99 euros is due, which includes the delivery costs and down payment for the console, the connection price of 39.99 euros does not apply.

Without the device, the tariff costs EUR 29.99 per month. With a surcharge of 10 euros for 24 months and the 7 euros down payment, you only pay 247 euros for the Switch OLED, while the RRP is 359.99 euros.

Update from February 17, 12:49 p.m.:There was nothing to report this morning. We’re still hoping for a drop on Amazon, but we can’t say for sure yet. The PS5 could also be back at Media-Saturn soon, since the last drop was a while ago, but we don’t have any specific information. Of course we keep our eyes and ears open and will let you know as soon as we hear something.

Update from February 16, 10:32 a.m.: You can now buy the PS5 DualSense wireless controller in the color Galactic Purple on Amazon.

Buy PS5 Controller, Galactic Purple from Amazon

Update from February 14, 6:37 p.m.: E wie einfach still has a bundle consisting of PS5, Horizon Forbidden West & 12 months of PlayStation Plus on offer along with a new energy plan. Your new electricity contract provides you with 100% green electricity for 24 months with a 24-month price guarantee. For the PS5 you have to make a one-off payment of €349, the console will then be sent to you 14 days after the contract is signed.

PS5 at E like easy

Update from February 14, 6:10 p.m.: Amazon is giving away four copies of the Collector’s Edition of Horizon: Forbidden West, which is otherwise more or less sold out everywhere. And as part of this campaign, if you’re lucky you can also win a PlayStation5 Disc Edition. To win, you must answer four questions correctly. The campaign runs until February 20th.

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Update from February 11, 4:42 p.m.: Unfortunately, this week has been quite disappointing. Aside from the February 8 tariff offer described below (which is still ongoing, by the way), there have been no major sales of the PS5 in Germany. In general, the yield of the last few weeks is very meager: the last sale at PS Direct took place on January 25th, at MediaMarkt and Saturn on January 20th and at Amazon on January 19th. Otto, one of the most reliable dealers in the last year, has not had a PS5 drop in 2022.

To put it positively, this means that things can only get better. At some point, new PS5 consoles have to come onto the market again. If you want to keep an eye on Otto next week, PS5 sales here almost always happen between 9am and 10am, with the most common sale day being Thursday. Across retailers, too, Wednesday and Thursday are the strongest sales days, while Tuesday and Friday are somewhat weaker. PS5 sales are rare on Mondays, and no major retailer has seen a PS5 drop over the weekend.

Update from February 8th, 08:54: At E wie simply you can now get the PS5 in the Disc Edition together with 12 months of PS Plus and the upcoming PS5 hit Horizon Forbidden West for Green electricity tariff (with electricity that comes entirely from renewable energy) or gas tariff with a 24-month contract period. The PS5 bundle isn’t available for free, but the price is significantly reduced, to 349 euros. The value of the bundle is 639.97 euros – assuming that you can find the PlayStation 5 anywhere at the normal price. The saving is therefore 290.97 euros.

Tariff deal: PS5 Disc Edition + 12 months of PS Plus + Horizon: Forbidden West at E like easy*

How cheap the offer is for you depends on your consumption, the size of your household and your location. You can calculate your approximate monthly costs on the offer page. We have calculated the costs for a small household with two people in Berlin as an example. Compared to other providers, the electricity tariff was roughly in the middle (although we also included providers who do not supply purely green electricity), and the gas tariff was one of the cheapest providers.

We haven’t even factored in the savings on the PS5 bundle yet. In the sample calculation we have chosen, this is almost as high as the electricity costs for three months, which of course means that E for simple is significantly cheaper compared to other providers. Incidentally, E as simple does not currently provide any information on how long the offer will remain valid. We’re assuming it’ll just run until the PS5 sells out.

Tariff deal: PS5 Disc Edition + 12 months of PS Plus + Horizon: Forbidden West at E like easy*

Update from February 03, 2022, 15:23: Even in the early afternoon there is still no new information. If something should come, you will of course be informed immediately.

Update from February 03, 2022, 11:05 am: No new news about the PS5, but the Xbox Series X with Halo Infinite and Elite Controller is currently available from Otto for 699 euros. Will be delivered in two weeks.

Xbox Series X + Halo Infinite and Elite Controller at Otto*

Update from February 03, 2022, 10:12 am: Good morning everyone! There was no new information today about an upcoming drop, but we’re keeping an eye out for today.

Update from February 02, 2022, 4:12 p.m.: So far everything has remained calm. We’re still hoping for new signs of availability, but can’t say anything at the moment.

Update from February 02, 2022, 12:43 p.m.: There is still no news about the PS5 on Amazon or any other market. We remain vigilant should that change.

Update from February 2nd, 2022, 10:15 am: At Amazon France French Prime customers were able to buy the PS5 today. Unfortunately it was not possible to have them delivered to a German household as the account must be linked to a French household.

However, this means that it is likely that there could also be a PS5 drop on Amazon in Germany in the next few days. It probably won’t happen again today, but we’ll definitely keep an eye on the shop and keep you posted.

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Update from February 02, 2022, 08:26: Good morning! After a short break, the GamePro ticker is back. Everything has been quiet since the last update and there are no new indications of a drop at the moment. If that changes, you will of course be informed here as soon as possible. Meanwhile, as usual, you can find all shop links and tariffs with PS5 further down in this article.

*The offers listed here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase via one of these links, you support GamePro: We receive a small commission from the provider without affecting the price.

Buy PS5: Bundles & Overviews of all shops

Below you will find lists of shops and retailers where you can buy the PS5. In addition, all bundles offered.

Which retailers can I buy the PS5 from?

Buy PS5 on Amazon

Buy PS5 at MediaMarkt

Buy PS5 at Saturn

Buy PS5 with contract

Buy PS5 at Alternate

Buy PS5 at Alternate*

*The offers listed here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase via one of these links, you support GamePro: We receive a small commission from the provider without affecting the price.

Tip: The Twitter bot PS5 Bot EN will let you know immediately when the PS5 is available for purchase again in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Likewise the twitch channels of emin190766 and XMellowbagx.

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