I need to generate a file for Excel. Some of the values ​​in this file contain multiple lines. Since there is also non-English text there, the file must be Unicode. The file I’m generating now looks like

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I need to generate a file for Excel. Some of the values ​​in this file contain multiple lines.

Since there is also non-English text, the file must be Unicode.

The file I’m generating now looks like this : (in UTF8, mixed with non-English text and with many lines)

Header1,Header2,Header3 Value1,Value2,'Value3 Line1 Value3 Line2' 

Note that the multi-line value is in double quotes and contains a normal everyday newline.

From what I’ve found on the web this should work, but it doesn’t win, at least not Excel 2007 – and UTF8 files. Excel treats the 3rd row as the second row of data and not the second row of the first row of data.

This needs to be run on my customers’ computers and I have no control over their version of Excel. So I need a solution that works with Excel 2000 and above.

Thank you.

EDIT: I “solved” my problem by having two CSV options, one for Excel (Unicode, tab delimited, no line breaks in fields) and one for the rest of the world (UTF8, standard CSV).

Not what I was looking for, but at least it works (so far)< /p>

  • 1 FYI: This all works perfectly in LibreOffice and importing a CSV is much easier in the first place.
  • 9 The accepted answer about the extra spaces is incredibly confusing now that you edited your questions and removed the spaces…

You should ONLY have spaces at the beginning of fields where the spaces are part of the data. Excel does not remove leading spaces. You get unwanted spaces in your headings and data fields. Worse, the ' that should “protect” that newlines in the third column are ignored since they are not at the beginning of the field.

If the file is non-ASCII characters (encoded in UTF-8) should have a UTF-8 BOM (3 bytes, hex EF BB BF) at the beginning of the file. Otherwise, Excel will interpret the data according to your locale’s default encoding (e.g. cp1252) instead of utf-8, and your non-ASCII characters will be trashed.

The following comments apply to Excel 2003 , 2007 and 2013; not tested in Excel 2000

If you open the file by double-clicking its name in Windows Explorer, everything works fine.

If you open it in Excel open, the results vary:

  1. You only have ASCII characters in the file (and no BOM): works.
  2. You have non-ASCII characters (in UTF -8 encoded) in the file with a UTF-8 BOM at the beginning: it recognizes that your data is encoded in UTF-8 but ignores the CSV extension and puts it in the Text Import Wizard, unfortunately with the result, that you get the line break problem.

Options include:

  1. Train users not to open the files in Excel 🙁
  2. Consider writing an XLS file directly, there are packages/libraries available for that in Python/Perl/PHP/.NET/etc.
  • 1 Thanks , I fixed the leading spaces issue in the question. I entered the CSV example manually, not copying and pasting from a real file. The real file does not contain these spaces.
  • @Nir: Now let’s talk about your real problem. That means you had a UTF-8 BOM and opened the file in Excel and the text import wizard didn’t recognize that your Value3 newline should be “protected” – right? Or did you not have a UTF-8 BOM and had to tell the TIW that your data was UTF-8 encoded and the new line was still botched?
  • What if I | want to use? Use “to protect the contents of text boxes, and text boxes may contain |,” as field delimiters, new line as record delimiters, and a new line. Is that possible?
  • 1 FYI I exported Excel2007 and CSV from Redmine system. After adding the UTF-8 BOM (EFBBBF) to start with, Excel opened the file perfectly. New rows embedded in the “Problem Description” column are handled correctly and the row structure is not corrupted and all national characters are read correctly (they got trashed when read without a UTF8 BOM). Excel didn’t even show the Text Import Wizard. Currently, this CSV now has EFBBBF headers, uses 0A as row separator, and 0D0A as newline within strings in text cells.
  • 1 If you’re trying to get Excel for OS X to read your CSV correctly as well as Excel for Windows, here’s a great resource: stackoverflow.com/ questions/4348802/…

After many tweaks, here is a configuration that works when generating files on Linux and reading on Windows + Excel, despite the non-standard embedded newline format:

  • Line breaks in a field must be \ n (and in double quotes of course).
  • End of record: \ r \ n
  • Make sure that you don’t start a field with equals or it will be treated as a formula and truncated

In Perl I used Text::CSV to do this like this:

use Text::CSV; open my $FO, '>:encoding(utf8)', $filename or die 'Cannot create $filename: $!'; my $csv = Text::CSV->new({ binary => 1, eol => '\r\n' }); #for each row...: $csv -> print ($FO, \@row); 
  • 3 Yes that \ r \ n did it. I can confirm this works with Windows + Excel, OSX + Numbers and Google Docs.
  • 3 Using \n (also tried \n) in a field enclosed with ” and using \r\n to split rows. Still not solved this problem in Excel 2010. I have ANSI and tried UTF8 with BOM. No success
  • 1 But that’s because I use | as field delimiter. When I use ; Open the CSV by double clicking it in File Explorer.
  • 2 Ian’s answer doesn’t work in Excel 2003/2010 on Windows 7. I tried to edit my UTF-8 BOM file using a hex editor edit, and removed 0D (\r) from the ‘0D0A’ bits (\r\n) for newlines inside fields. But it doesn’t work.
  • This answer worked for me (without any changes! ) With Excel 2010 and Windows 7; also with perl v5.14.2 that comes with cygwin. My embedded Newlines were all \n. Thank you

I recently had a similar problem, I solved it by importing an HTML file, the basic example would be as follows:

 <html xmlns:v='urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml' xmlns:o='urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office' xmlns:x='urn:schemas-microsoft-com :office:excel' xmlns='http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40'> <head> <style> <body> first line
second row first line
second row </body> ?> var13 ->

I know it’s not CSV and might work differently for different versions of Excel, but I think it’s worth a try.

I hope this helps 😉

  • 35 @GusDeCooL The wording of the OP’s first sentence “I need to generate a file for Excel, some of the values ​​in this file contain multiple lines.” suggests that it may not need to be a CSV file. In addition, the Q & A format for other readers as well, and it might be a viable choice for some of them (even if the OP had to use CSV). I find your rejection inappropriate (nevertheless, thanks for explaining why).
  • 1 This was indeed the best option for me; Thanks for suggesting it!

It should be noted that if a CSV file contains double-quoted fields containing line breaks, Excel will not properly import the CSV file if the CSV file is in UTF format. 8 format is written. Excel treats the line break like CR / LF and starts a new line. The table is garbled. This seems to be the case even when semicolons are used as field delimiters (instead of commas).

The problem can be solved by editing the CSV file with Windows Notepad, opening the file with File> Save As… save and change the file encoding from UTF-8 to ANSI before saving the file. Once the file is saved in ANSI format, Microsoft Excel 2013 on Windows 7 Professional will import the file properly.

Line breaks in a value seem to work if you type or tab, use a semicolon as a delimiter and use double quotes.

This works for me in both Excel 2010 and Excel 2000. However, surprisingly, it only works if you open the file as a new spreadsheet, not if You import them into an existing spreadsheet using the data import function.

  • Yes, but then I didn’t find an option to create the end row with semicolon in Excel
  • 1 What is , if some of the actual text data contains a semicolon? That wouldn’t work.

On a PC, you want to use ASCII character #10 to insert a new line in a value.

Once you get it in Excel, however, you need to make sure the multiline cells have word wrapping enabled. Otherwise the new row will appear as a square box.

In Excel 365 when importing the file:

Data -> From Text/CSV:

-> Choose File> Transform Data:

In the Power Query Editor on the right side under “Query Settings” under APPLIED STEPS in the “Source” row, click the ” icon Settings”.

-> From the Line breaks drop-down menu, select Ignore line breaks in quotes.

Then press OK -> File -> Close & Loading

  • I’m glad I scrolled down for this! I’ve also added screenshots of the steps and terms from the English Excel version.

This will not work if you try to import the file into EXCEL.

Associate the file extension csv with EXCEL.EXE so that you can start EXCEL by double-clicking the csv file.

Here I place text followed by NewLine Char, followed by some more text AND enclose the whole string in double quotes.

Don’t use CR because EXCEL places part of the string in the next cell.

<?php ''text' + NL + 'text'' 

If you use EXCEL call, this is displayed. You may need to auto-adjust the height to see everything. Where the line breaks take place depends on the width of the cell.



Here is the code in Basic

< code>CHR$(34,'2', 10,'DATE', 34) 

I found this and it worked for me

$delimiter = ','; $enc1 = '''; $enc2 = ''''; 

Then where you need to have things

$myfile = ('/path/to/myfile.csv'); //erase any previous contents $fp = fopen($myfile, 'w+'); fwrite($fp, $enc1 . 'Column Heading 1' . $enc1 . $delimiter ); //append to new file $fp2 = fopen($myfile, 'a'); fwrite($fp2, $enc1 . 'Column Heading 2' . $enc1 . $delimiter ); 


fwrite($fp2, $enc1 . 'Last Column Heading' . $enc1 . $delimiter. PHP_EOL ); 

If you then need to write something out – like HTML that says “You can do this”

fwrite($fp2, $enc2 . $myhtmlstring .$enc2 .$delimiter); 

New lines end with . PHP_EOL

A link is printed at the end of the script for the user to download the file.

echo 'Click here to download file'; 

UTF files containing a BOM will cause Excel to treat new rows literally, even if this field is enclosed in double quotes. (Tested Excel 2008 Mac)

The solution is to make new lines a carriage return (CHR 13) instead of a linefeed.

  • Excel 2016 seems to handle my CSV file correctly even if it contains a UTF8 BOM. However, what made the difference was the use of ‘;’ as field separator (which Excel does for all locales that have ‘,’ as decimal separator).

Test this: It works completely for me: Put the following lines in a xxxx.csv file

hola_x ,='este es mi text1'&CHAR(10)&'I sigo escribiendo',hola_a hola_y,='este es mi text2'&CHAR(10)&'I sigo escribiendo',hola_b hola_z,= 'este es mi text3'&CHAR(10)&'I sigo escribiendo',hola_c 

Open with Excel.

In some cases it will be direct open, otherwise column to data conversion must be used. Expand the column width and click the Wrap Text button. or format cells and enable word wrap.

and thanks for the other suggestions, but they didn’t work for me. I’m in a pure windows environment and didn’t want to play with unicode or other fun stuff.

In this way you put a formula from csv to excel. There can be many uses for this working method. (Note the = before the quotes)

pd: Please provide some examples of the data in your proposals, not just the code.

The Putting “\r” at the end of each line actually had the effect of line breaks in Excel, but in the CSV it disappeared, leaving an ugly mess of each line being squashed against the next with no spaces and no line breaks

< ul>

The way we do this (we’re using VB.Net) is to enclose the text in Chr(34) with new lines. This is the character representing the double quotes and replacing all CR-LF characters for LF.

Usually a newline is “\ r \ n”. In my CSV I replaced “\r” with an empty value. Here is code in javascript:

cellValue = cellValue.replace(/\r/g, '') 

When I open the CSV in MS Excel , it worked fine. If a value contains multiple rows, it stays in a single cell in the Excel spreadsheet.

To Open File Just the syntax is

 ,'one\n two',... 

The bottom line is that there is no space after the first “, “. Usually spaces are fine and will be truncated if the string is not quoted. But otherwise bad. It took me a while to figure this out.

It doesn’t seem to matter if the line ends with \ n or \ c \ n.

Make sure you expand the formula bar so you can actually see the text in the cell (got it after a long day…)

Now of course File Open will not support UTF-8 properly (unless man uses tricks).

Excel> data> Get External Data > From Text

Can be set in UTF-8 mode (it’s way down in the font list). However, in this case the new lines don’t seem to work and I don’t know of a way to fix it.

(You could say MS would get this stuff right after 30 years.)

You can do the next '\'Value3 Line1 Value3 Line2\''. It works for me to generate a CSV file in Java

Here’s an interesting approach using JavaScript…

 String.prototype .csv = String.prototype.split.partial(/,\s*/); var results = ('Mugan, Jin, Fuu').csv(); console.log(results&lsqb;0&rsqb;=='Mugan' && results&lsqb;1&rsqb;=='Jin' && results&lsqb;2&rsqb;=='Fuu ', 'The text values ​​were split properly'); 

Print HTML line break
into the content and opening in Excel works fine on any Excel

You can use the ALT + Enter key combination.

  1. Select the cell you want to edit
  2. Enter edit mode either by double-clicking or pressing F2. 3. Press Alt + Enter. This creates a new row in the cell
  • How do you integrate this into the CVS file generation?

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