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y la estabilidad del equipo, pero en ocasiones no nos encontramos en el sitio o por otras tareas administrativas no podemos ejecutar una tarea en el momento indicado y es allí donde entra en juego una de las herramientas que muchas veces dejamos a un lado en los sistemas operativos Windows, el programador de tareas. When managing Windows 10 operating systems, we often perform administration and support tasks to ensure the performance and stability of the devices >optimize. However, sometimes we are not on site or for other administrative tasks The tasks we can’t run run at the right time, and this is where one of the tools that we often overlook in Windows operating systems comes into play, the Task Scheduler.

administrativa de una forma importante permitsiéndonos tener tiempo para otro tipo de tareas en la organización. This valuable Microsoft tool, which comes standard with Windows operating systems, helps us reduce the administrative burden in an important way, so that we have time for other tasks in the organization.

Today, this tutorial offers a complete analysis of this tool in Windows 10.

What is Task Scheduler?< /p>MMC add-in (Microsoft Management Console – Microsoft9 management console) that allows us to create automated tasks that perform a specific task at a specific time or run when an event occurs.

Task Scheduler is a(Microsoft Management Console – Microsoft9 Administration Console) that will help you run a specific task at a specific time or when an event occurs.

With the task scheduler, we always have a library al ler programmed tasks so that we have an organized view of each individual task and can centrally control the actions to be performed in Windows 10.

< p>

1. Key Concepts in Windows 10 Task Scheduler

There are two key concepts in Task Scheduler that we need to be aware of:


a task can run as scheduled. Some of the available triggers we have:

A trigger is a trigger that Some of the available triggers we have:< /p>

  • When you login
  • When an event occurs
  • < li>When blocking the device

  • When creating or editing a task
  • When starting the system

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The action is the task is the work that gets done when the task runs. Some of the actions that we can configure in Windows 10 are:

  • Show message
  • Run a program
  • Send an email

Considering this Concepts we will analyze how Windows 10 Task Scheduler works.

2. How to open Task Scheduler in Windows 10

There are several alternatives that we can use to open Task Scheduler in Windows 10:

Using search from the Start menu

programmer on and select the Task Scheduler option.

To use this method, click on the Start menu, type the word and select the

< p>

Use the Run

Windows + R command or type in the search box and type in the In the window that appears, type taskschd.msc and press Press the Enter key or OK.

To do this we use the key combinationor write in the search field and in the window that appears type the termand press

Using the Control Panel

Select System and Security . In the window that appears, select Management.

To run Task Scheduler from the control panel, you must access the control panel and select the optionIn the window that appears, select

There we can select the option Select Schedule Tasks or click Administration. The following window will open where we select the Task Scheduler option .

< /p>

Use Team Management

Task Scheduler line:

The next option to run Task Scheduler is to use Computer Management, which we access by we right click on the start menu. The following window will appear, in which we should click on the line:

Some of the options mentioned offer us the possibility of performing the tasks required at the administrative level to schedule.

If you want to see more clearly how to open Task Scheduler, here is a video that shows you how to do it easily and quickly can see.

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3. How to use Task Scheduler in Windows 10

We will know how to create a task in Windows 10 in a simple and extremely practical way.

Step 1

To do this we go to the task programmer and select from the menu Action select Basic task Create or Create task.

Step 2

In this case we have selected the Create task option and we will see the following wizard where we must configure the following. For example, the General tab shows the name of the task and its security options such that this task runs only when the session is started.

Step 3

In the Trigger tab, we specify at what time the task needs to be started, e.g. when logging in, when it is inactive, when an event is displayed, etc.

Step 4

We also need to define the frequency with which this task needs to be performed daily, weekly, etc. We can also add additional parameters that need to meet certain conditions.

Step 5

On the < tab strong>Actions we have to specify which function the task scheduler should execute at the specified time. Remember that a program can start sending an email.

Step 6

Click OK, and the added action will be displayed.

Step 7

In the Conditions tab we need to define the states that must be met for the task to run correctly.

Step 8

Finally, on the Configuration tab, we can add additional values that will be applied to the task when a set of conditions are met.

Step 9

Once all the values ​​are configured, our task will be created and can be executed. We can run it by clicking the Run button on the right. In the same way, from this panel we can edit, delete, pause or export the task to use on another computer or session.

4. What’s new in Windows 10 Task Scheduler?

With the introduction of Windows 10, numerous changes and updates have been introduced and Task Scheduler is one of that. Next we will see some of these options.

Stop Task Scheduler

The goal of stopping Task Scheduler in Windows 10 is to increase battery consumption and avoid background processes.

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To stop the Task Scheduler we must access the Task Manager and under the group Windows Processes< /strong> Find the process named Service Host: Local System (18). On some computers this may be the case (16). We show the options and in the Scheduler service we right-click and select the Stop option.

< /p>

Displays a summary of scheduled tasks

(local) Task Scheduler line, and in the middle pane the currently active tasks are shown in the lower area displayed.

To check which tasks are active in the programmer, just select the middle panel and the currently active tasks will be displayed in the lower panel.

< p>

Show all scheduled tasks

This option is useful when we consider that many third-party applications automatically set a task for your program , when not really necessary. This can affect computer performance and system efficiency.

To see all tasks in detail, click on the Library line of Task Scheduler the left side. All tasks are automatically displayed in the central area.

If any of the tasks displayed there are not required, you can remove them by selecting the task and clicking the Click Delete.

We can see that Task Scheduler is a very handy and helpful tool , which can reduce the administrative burden for the different teams we manage by scheduling a task that does the work for us, properly configured and meets the required needs. So that you can always control what is happening on your computer, we recommend that you open the Task Manager in Windows 10.

Task Manager Windows 10

< p>

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