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You have finally succeeded in the enterprise of buying a PlayStation 5 and you are starting to familiarize yourself with all its functions. The menu, totally renewed compared to that of PS4, you like it a lot, but it is also giving you some “headaches”. For example, among the many functions it offers, you can’t figure out where to find the one to completely shut down the console.

This doubt of yours is perfectly understandable, because in fact there are some substantial differences in the procedure for switching off the console. console than the two that preceded it (PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3). Precisely for this reason I decided to give you my support and write this guide in which I will show you how to shut down your PS5 through the different shutdown options available on the console.

How you will have it yourself way of reading, the possibilities of turning off are different and can concern only the console, or the DualSense (the PS5 controller), but also the microphone incorporated in it. In all cases these are really simple procedures, but first you need to know the steps to take. Ready, then, to investigate the matter further? Yup? Well, then I wish you good reading!


How to turn off PS5 from joystick

Turn off PS5 from DualSense controller

Among the different ways how to turn off PS5 , I think it is appropriate to start from the procedure via DualSense . This is because it is the most comfortable and therefore the most used: the console turns off remotely, without getting up to press the appropriate button located on the front body.

The procedure has changed compared to the PS4, where to access the shutdown menu it was necessary to make a long press on the PlayStation button on the controller and then select the desired shutdown option. The procedure for turning off the PS5 from joystick is slightly different.

From any screen you are, even in the game, to access the shutdown menu you have to press once. , and not for a long time, the PlayStation button on the pad. This will open the PlayStation control center bar.

Quick PS5 shutdown menu from joystick

Yes it is a very useful and important menu, similar to a quick control menu of the most used functions. Among these, the last one available is the Power function, so move to it with the digital arrows and press the X key of the controller to open the drop-down menu of shutdown options.

The option to choose to completely shut down the console is Shut down PS5 . After pressing the X button on this item, the PS5 will close all processes in progress and then shut down. Unlike the sleep mode (which you can select from the same menu), the console when powered off is disconnected from the Internet, so all activities and downloads in progress are interrupted, as is the power from the USB ports .

As you will have understood, the main difference compared to the procedure of switching off the PS4 pad is in the time of pressing the PlayStation button, while in the previous console it was prolonged, now a single short press is enough.

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How to turn off PS5 controller

You can turn off the PS5 joystick and built-in microphone

Now that you know how to completely shut down your PS5 , I’d like to move on to explain how to shut down your PS5 controller . In fact, it happens that you want to turn off a pad to use a different one, or after a cooperative game with a friend, so as to go back to using one without waiting for it to automatically turn off (avoiding unnecessary battery consumption) and without having to turn off the whole system. / p>

You can turn off the pad in two ways: via software, from the control center, or by pressing a button. The simplest method is certainly the second, as just press the PlayStation button of the controller you want to turn off for at least 10 seconds , after which the pad turns off. This is a very useful method, especially when you want to watch a video, as it leaves no menus open on the screen.


The other method involves accessing the menu control center by pressing the PlayStation key on the pad, then press the X key corresponding to the Accessories item. Now, select the Wireless Controller device and press the X key again on the Power off controller option.

Quest ‘ last method is a shortcut to the path Settings & gt; Accessories & gt; General & gt; Bluetooth accessories from which you can select the pad to turn it off by pressing the X button on the Disconnect menu item.

 Turn off the PS5 joystick from the control center

Finally, I think it is also important to know another shutdown procedure, the one to turn off the microphone of the PS5 controller . You may not know this but the PS5’s DualSense has a built-in microphone for voice commands and chat without headphones.

Again there are more ways to turn off the microphone. The quickest and most immediate is to deactivate the microphone by pressing the mute button present between the two analogs of the pad, recognizable by the icon of a crossed-out microphone . If the microphone is off, the key changes from off to orange.

In addition to this “manual” method, there is the possibility of setting the microphone switch-off preference from the Settings , so as to always leave it off since the user login.

Settings to turn off the microphone of the PS5 controller

For this setting, continue by going to Settings menu (the one with a gear icon at the top right) and select the Audio item, then press on the Microphone item, then press the X key on the Microphone status at access time to choose the Mute preference.

To protect further your privacy and to avoid inconvenience, you can also set Mute the voice Microphone status when starting the chat or transmission so as to leave the microphone off even at the beginning of a chat or streaming session (for you will have to manually activate it at the moment).

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How to turn off PS5 from the power button

Turn off the PS5 using the appropriate front button

The shutdown method I am talking about here is the most classic one, that is to turn off the console using the appropriate on / off . This button is located on the front of the PS5, in the thinnest part of the central black band (if in a horizontal position it is on the right, while if it is positioned vertically it is at the bottom).

The power button / shutdown must be held down for about 3-5 seconds , otherwise if pressed briefly it will start sleep mode. If held down for longer, immediately after the long press, the console operating system alerts you to the start of the shutdown process.

You can also distinguish between the two modes by the console’s LED lights. This is because when off, the LEDs are completely off. This, in short, the explanation of how to turn off PS5 from the on / off button , nothing simpler, right?

In case of PS5 blocking , you should be able to forcefully shut down the console by pressing and holding the on / off key for a period of about 20 seconds , until the device restarts .

How to remotely shut down PS5

PS5 shutdown procedure remotely

Now I want to talk to you about how to turn off PS5 from smartphone or tablet , or through the command functions from remote . In this case, you start from the smartphone or tablet side, by downloading and installing the PS Remote Play app for Android (available on Play Store or alternative stores for devices without Google services) or iOS / iPadOS (you can do this by visiting the links I just provided you from your device, pressing the Install / Get button and verifying your identity, if required).

After the download and installation, open the app on its icon and press the LOGIN TO PSN button, then enter your data of access to the PSN < /span>.

Once you are back in the app, tap on the CONFIRM AND CONTINUE button, then on the PS5 icon and before pressing the OK button at the warning message, switch to PS5.

Enable remote control from PS 5

From here, go to the Settings menu, then click on the System menu, then on the Remote Playback item and click on the Enable Remote Play option. Now you can go back to the app and press the OK key, to start the console search.

It is very important that both on the app and on the PS5, the account of < span> PSN access is the same and both devices are connected to a Wi-Fi network . In fact, you may not even be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, as long as you are also connected to a Wi-Fi network from your smartphone or tablet and not to mobile data . If you are away from home and without Wi-Fi networks nearby, having two mobile devices you can always use the hotspot method, as it works exactly as seen on PS4 . In this case, I only recommend that you consider the fees charged for your carrier’s data connection.

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If everything goes well, the PS5 will notify you with a pop up in the upper right side of the screen that you connected from a mobile device. You can now proceed using the virtual keys that appear on your device screen to navigate the PS5 menus exactly as you would using the pad.

At this point, to turn off the PS5 from remote, you can then follow the advice I gave you in this chapter , plus you can even turn off the controller or microphone as I explained here . That’s it as far as shutting down your PS5, I just have to wish you a lot of fun with your new console!

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