Learn more about defining and using presets.

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Learn more about defining and using presets.

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A preset is a collection of predefined element properties, including tolerances and the output selection for Boolean operations. When selected, the preset writes its values ​​in the Properties group. This allows for easy reuse of commonly used property sets.

You can use a preset to populate the property group with values ​​that you want to use. You can then modify these values ​​to suit the element’s needs. You can create a new preset based on these values, or save it as the current preset. The existing values ​​will be overwritten.

If you use a preset to create an item, the next time you create an item of that type, the last used preset will appear in the Properties panel. When you edit an old version of an item, the property group loads the values ​​that were used to create the item. The preset name is No Preset.

Preset UI

  1. drop-down list presets.
  2. Creates a new preset from the current parameters. A default name is suggested, which you can change.
  3. Presets, including:

    1. Save current selection – Save the current settings as a preset with a name you specify or the default name.
    2. Rename current selection – Specify a different name for the current preset . If you rename a preset, you can use the ESC key to cancel the operation and restore the previous name.
    3. Delete current selection – Select the preset you want to delete , and click Clear Current Selection.
    4. order

      1. Last used – Sorted by last used
      2. Date Created – Sorts from oldest to newest preset
      3. Alphanumeric – Sorts in numeric and then alphabetical order
      4. Last modified – sorted by last modified
    5. New default (item type)

      Determines the default for the element properties group.

      • Last used – Fills the fields with the last used parameters. It is a temporary preset that changes as the settings used change.
      • Use current preset – Uses the selected preset values ​​to fill the fields.
      • No default – Fills certain fields with the default values; corresponds to the previous behavior.

No default

If the preset shows No Preset, it means that the item is either an older item or was created using the Recent values . If it’s an older item and you change the value, and the value is different from the current values ​​for Recent, the preset is named Custom.

When using Extrude, Revolve, Sweep, or Spiral, the Boolean output for No Preset is the last option used, either New Solid or Union. If none of these are the last used option, Union is the default choice.

What does the asterisk (*) mean?

An asterisk (*) next to a preset name (example: *preset 1) means that the value of an element definition has changed compared to the saved version became. You can save the modified preset from the Settings drop-down menu and replace the previous preset, or use to save the changes to a new preset.

Presets and Styles

Because presets and styles are defined separately, it can happen that the two are incompatible. When this incompatibility occurs, the preset cannot be accessed. It’s still in the list, but it’s disabled and appears in gray text. You must change the incompatible property or value before you can use the preset with the incompatible style.

Built-in Presets

Document Settings Units tab. The presets are saved in secondary, metric and imperial format and are read-only. There are special rules that apply to built-in presets when they are set as defaults.

  • Recently used
    (default preset): If Recent references a built-in preset, the document unit settings are used. When a value is changed, it is marked with an asterisk. All values ​​are static and no longer follow document unit settings for this action.
  • Use Current Preset: When setting a preset as the default by using Current Use preset is set, the original values ​​of the built-in preset are used and displayed with the unit type from the document unit settings.
  • No default: Field values ​​follow the document’s unit setting. The last used value is saved per document. If you click Apply to accept the command or start again, the preset is reset to No preset and the last used values ​​are used. Document unit settings are not applied.
  • New Custom Preset: You can use a built-in preset as the basis for a custom one Use preset. Then change only the required values. The changed values ​​are saved as a new preset with a reference to the built-in preset for the remaining values. Custom presets retain the unit values ​​used and do not change with the document’s unit setting. When a new preset is created for entities that can create solids or surfaces, the state of the surface mode is included in the preset.
  • Show built-in presets: Show built-in presets by default. They can be hidden when not in use.

The built-in presets are predefined for each command. The values ​​are based on the unit type specified below. The presets are saved in secondary, metric and imperial format and are read-only. There are special rules that apply to built-in presets when they are set as defaults.

Tolerance Values

You can specify tolerances for parameters. These are saved in the presets. Click the flyout arrow, choose Tolerance, and specify the tolerance type and range. Save the preset with the name you want.

To disable tolerances, set the tolerance type to Default and save the setting. Values ​​with a tolerance can be easily recognized thanks to the color coding.

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