Nvidia – How do I see which driver I need?:Hi,
I bought a PC from a secondhand shop, which is actually very good, it ran great and except that it was an old Win XP,…

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NVIDIA GRAPHICS CARD DRIVER?: I wanted to get better fps in Fortnite on my gaming laptop (had 70ca) I downloaded the new NVDIA graphics card driver and then only had 30 fps then I got it…

graphics cards
April 8, 2022

Nvidia drivers control fans?

Nvidia driver Control fans?: Hello, I have my new Nvidia GPU and I can’t get along with the driver. I had an amd before. I don’t know where to set the GPU like the speed of the fans or the…

graphics cards
April 8, 2022

Nvidia Geforce driver update not working?

Nvidia Geforce driver update doesn’t work?: Hi, I wanted to update my graphics driver because mine is pretty outdated. I opened Geforce Experience and it says installation failed each time……

graphics cards
March 5, 2022

Nvidia graphics driver doesn’t matter which language?

Nvidia graphics driver no matter what language?: Hello!

So I have a geforze Gt720M, very old, I want to install a new driver, I already have one, but it’s in English and my system is in German, it doesn’t matter, or is it just…

graphics cards
February 13, 2022

NVIDIA driver (approx. 700 MB) absolutely necessary for playing?

NVIDIA driver (approx. 700 MB) absolutely necessary for playing?: Is the (game-ready) NVIDIA driver (approx. 700 MB) absolutely necessary for playing? Isn’t the small version called “NVIDIA Settings” in the taskbar at the bottom right enough?

Would like…

graphics cards
February 5, 2022

Nvidia driver?

Nvidia driver?: I have installed the new Nvidia graphics card driver version 511.23 since then I have had a very high ping in games and my laptop is getting louder how else can it be the driver or…

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graphics cards
January 15, 2022

Nvidia driver for Win Xp?

Nvidia Driver for Win Xp?: Hello.


I am trying to get a gtx 750 graphics card to run on an intel socket 775 based pc. The operating system is a Windows XP Home 32bit.

I have a…

graphics cards
January 8, 2022

AMD and NVIDIA drivers at the same time?

AMD and NVIDIA drivers at the same time?: I have a Ryzen 3 3200g and want to install a 1060 later, can I install both drivers so that they run without problems

Best regards…

graphics cards
December 20, 2021

Device Manager shows the graphics card, but Nvidia does not find this for the driver…

Device Manager shows the graphics card, but Nvidia does not find it for the driver…: HELP


graphics cards
November 27, 2021

NVIDIA GTX 1660 TI 6 GB.which drivers should i install for photoschop and davinci…

NVIDIA GTX 1660 TI 6 GB. which driver should i install for photoschop and davinci…: hello . i have NVIDIA GTX 1660 TI 6 GB. which drivers should i install for photoschop and davinci to run properly?

thank you…

graphics cards
November 24, 2021

Nvidia driver download?

Nvidia driver download?: Hello, I have downloaded and installed my Nvidia driver. Now the driver download is in the downloads and can I uninstall the download now? Where do I get my drivers…

Software & driver
October 30, 2021

which nvidia driver do i need?

which nvidia driver do i need?: which nvidia driver do i need?

i have a geforce gt540m graphics card in my laptop. I wanted to download an update for the graphics card. from the side…

computer questions
January 4, 2012

HELP: Need graphics card driver for NVIDIA GeForce Ti 4200 Win 7 32 Bit

HELP: Need graphics card driver for NVIDIA GeForce Ti 4200 Win 7 32 bit: HELP: Need graphics card driver for NVIDIA GeForce Ti 4200 Win 7 32 bit

Hello dear people, I have a HUGE problem. My other graphics card burned out so I…

22. September 2011

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    Hello Guys welcome to another video of DRIVING TV!
    I wanted to share with you guys the last step when it comes to getting that license, which is taking the DMV Road test.

    While this can be nerve-wracking for all parties involved, it’s essential to be prepared for this test just like they would for any other test.
    While some mistakes are allowed during your road test at the DMV, they will still have points subtracted from your score if you make them.

    Listen up carefully, these are the most common mistakes that new drivers make during their driver’s test. These are important for you to know so you can make sure you don’t lose points.

    Here’s the list:
    Improper lane changing.
    Changing lanes in an intersection.
    Not keeping both hands on the wheel.
    Confusion at four-way stops.
    Forgetting your turn signals.
    Rolling stops. 
    Distracted driving. 
    Lack of steering control.
    Driving too slowly. 
    Driving too fast for conditions. 
    Following too closely. 
    Braking too hard. 
    Not checking mirrors.

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