The tick symbol has the advantage of triggering that good “done” feeling with just one character. It’s not on the PC keyboard..

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The tick symbol has the advantage of triggering that good “done” feeling with just one character. It cannot be found directly on the PC keyboard, we will show you how to easily check the box in Word or Excel, in HTML, Facebook or anywhere else – as a copy&paste template or via the Special character.

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You can find five more helpful Word tips in our video. With this you can easily solve recurring problems:

Five tips for Microsoft Word: special characters, tables of contents and spell checking

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1. The check mark symbol as a template for copying

Probably the quickest solution: Simply copy one of the following check mark symbols (highlight it, Ctrl+c or right-click->copy), and then copy it to the desired location in Word or paste elsewhere (ctrl+v or right-click->paste).

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2. Set a tick with the Alt key

If you need the function more often, you can also use the Alt code of the “checked” tick, i.e. the following keyboard combination: Left Hold down the Alt key, then type on the numpad on the right: 10003. (It has to be the numpad digits, the numbers in the top line don’t work.) This solution doesn’t work in all programs though – Word works, browsers do and Excel may not.

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3. The tick as a symbol in Word and Excel

In Word you can use the tick as a special character or symbol. Depending on the Word version, the path is slightly different, but always leads to “Insert” -> “Symbol” for a selection of special characters, where the check mark can then be searched for and used (also in Excel).

Check mark in Word

You can also select Wingdings2 (if available) as the font and enter a capital “P”. Or with the font Marlett a small “a”.

4. Check mark in HTML

The Unicode number must be set for the HTML code of a website: ઙ or ચ, see the following table:

U+2713 (10003)✓Check markU+2714 (10004)✔Bold check markU+2611 (9745)☑Checked box*U+2610 (9744)☐*Box

Also for special characters on Mac and on Facebook we have a guide, as well as similar shortcuts and templates for the @ sign (e.g. abroad) or the infinity sign.

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