We love to take our music with us. That’s why we feel compelled to burn money with high-end headphones. But when tied to the desk,

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We love to take our music with us. That’s why we feel compelled to burn money with high-end headphones. But when tied to your desk, you should take off those headphones and let your ears breathe. Use a pair of speakers to stream your music. The best computer speakers create immersive sound around your chair, if not across the room. Even the speakers under 50 euros are customized to spread the audio towards the area surrounding the ears. Being made for PC, they have ports that easily plug into a USB port or a 3.5mm stereo cable. Some of them go the extra mile and even give you a control unit. We looked at the myriad of offerings in this market and picked the 15 best computer speakers under $ 50. They delicately balance budget, audio and features for the best value for money.

Do all computer speakers have subwoofers?

There are two types of speaker systems when it comes to computer speakers:

Speaker set 2.0: These are two speakers that handle all frequencies: low, medium and high. 2.0 speakers tend to be medium in size and can be placed on either side of the PC. They do not require any additional space. However, the size constraint usually affects bass extension. This means that the presence of bass at low frequencies like 30-300Hz won’t be great. So the audio sounds relatively empty compared to 2.1.

2.1 speaker set: This set consists of a subwoofer and two satellite speakers. The extra piece is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The satellites are smaller because they only have to handle the medium and high frequencies. So in many cases they may be smaller than 2.0 speakers. However, the subwoofer pumps out the low frequencies. So you have to make space under the desk for storage. 2.1 speakers are difficult to run, especially on a low budget. Subwoofers usually have a hint of rumble or end up dominating the audio response. But there are some 2.1 computer speaker systems that can combine the sound of subwoofers effectively. They have been chosen on our list of the best computer speakers under 50.

Why are my computer speakers humming?

There are a number of general reasons why there is a hum from your computer speakers. You will most likely notice this when the speakers are connected, but there is no music. There are a few tips to make sure this doesn’t happen:

  • Grounding problems are primarily responsible for the hum. Make sure you are using a 3-pin adapter that also has a ground connection.
  • Check that all speaker ports and cables are tightly connected
  • Remove any radio frequency transmission device from the vicinity of the speaker. They can interfere with transmission through thin cables.
  • Move the cable and see if the hum stops at some point. If so, this indicates damage to the cable.
  • Sometimes the problem may lie with the playback device. Plug a headphone into your PC’s output port and check if the hum persists with them as well. If so, the problem is caused by the PC sound card.

What are the best computer speakers under 50 euros?

There was a lot of junk and overhyped marketing to go through before you hit the 10 best computers. Speakers under $ 50. There were a number of factors that were taken into account in our calculations:

Audio: When it comes to any speaker, we mainly focus on audio. Whatever the amount of convenience features, it cannot replace crackling or distorted audio. Since we’re working on a tight budget, we haven’t criticized audio with an audiophile eye much. Rather, we sought generally pleasing audio from the point of view of a casual listener.

Return on investment: When counting euros, you want to get the best audio for your investment. We checked if the speakers were easy to use and if they reproduced acceptable audio. We have deleted speakers that have had short-term durability issues or that weren’t backed up by good customer service.

Features: Any additional benefits such as a control unit, headphone jack, USB power options, etc. make the best computer speakers versatile and easy to install and use. So we gave them all points for the meticulous design of the speaker architecture.

It looks like: Your computer speakers will sit on your desk next to your PC. It will be a shame if they look too cheap or weirdly structured. So we took looks into consideration when choosing the best computer speakers under 50 euros.

Top 15 Best Under 50 Computer Speakers in 2020 – Chart

Altec Lansing has walked some untrodden paths in audio history. Their Model 19 is one of the best speakers of all time. After changing hands with different owners, they have struggled to maintain the same quality standards. But their sonic acumen remains intact. The modern Computer Speakers VS2621 will show you a great time on a tight budget. They are presented as a set of 3 stylistic-looking pieces that experience a unique look. Aside from the lack of a couple of controls, the VS2621 delivers the big bang for the bucks. It’s a no-brainer for the best computer speakers under 50.

Design and features

The Altec Lansing VS2621 PC speakers have an attractive appearance. They come as a set of subwoofers and two satellite speakers. The sub is all black with metal studs at the bottom. The satellite speakers have a trapezoidal frame with a metallic finish on which they are mounted at an angle to the vertical. This way they shoot the audio towards the ears when they are placed on the desk.

The subwoofer’s wooden cabinet hides a 4-inch speaker that fires from the side. There is a port in the front for bass extension. Works with 13W RMS power. The satellite speakers have a 2-inch driver each inside a plastic body with a 7.5W amplifier. The right satellite of this computer speaker holds a volume and tone control knob in the front. There is an auxiliary port to connect the speaker to playback devices. It also has a wired cable that ends with a 3.5mm plug. An AC adapter is used to connect the VS2621 to the power supply.


The Altec Lansing VS2621 desktop speaker has a tonal balance that the Cyber ​​Acoustics CA 3602 finds difficult to compete with. It performs well across the entire frequency spectrum. We prefer it more for the music than for the game, especially for the lack of bass volume.

The bass is punchy and has a bump in the mid-bass area. He’s not nimble, so the complicated bass baffles him. At over 70% volume the bass distort and bleed into the mids. But we’ve never had to turn the volume up that loud. The midrange is relatively clean and offers a moderate amount of detail. Voices and guitars stand out without much effort. The highs go well with the bass. It is brilliant to the point that it is not unpleasant to the ears.


  • Punchy bass with balanced audio
  • Good clarity and placement of instruments
  • Elegant looks
  • Aux-in and wired auxiliary cable
  • Lightweight


  • No bass knob
  • No headphone jack

Cyber ​​Acoustics hit the spot with their CA-3602 computer speaker. While it has reached the top of our budget here, it is often found at discounted prices. Even for its original price, it’s worth the green ticket. This is a 3-piece set of subwoofer and speakers. A control capsule increases the usability of the product. Build quality is durable and aesthetically pleasing. With 30W of power, your dorm party can get loud. The wild horses couldn’t have kept the CA-3602 off this list of the best computer speakers under 50.

Design and features

Cyber ​​Acoustics CA-3602 PC Speakers take up minimal desk space. The sub measures 7.25 inches in length and width and 10 inches in height. It has a bass port on the front and a 5.25-inch driver on the side. The satellites are 8 inches tall with two 2-inch drivers each. The entire set uses a blend of matte, glossy and regular black finishes for a suave look. The construction is built to last. There have never been any durability issues with these speakers.

The control unit is a small and ingenious device. It is a flat circular disc approximately 2.5 inches in diameter. Its top face is actually a volume wheel. On the sides it has the power switch and the bass volume wheel. On the sides there are also an auxiliary input port and a headphone jack. This makes it easier to connect a 3.5mm stereo cable from your computer to this PC speaker. The power cord comes from the sub. Loudspeaker to loudspeaker range is 11 feet.


The Cyber ​​Acoustics CA-3602 desktop speakers are also suitable for music, movies and games. Adjusting the bass volume offers enough space to take advantage of their versatility. For regular listeners, they can reach high volumes. The low range has a very good audio response, except for a small gap in the audio response. Bass tends to roll away at around 260Hz and leave the lower registers hanging. For a purist, these subtle points are significant but may not register with most people.

The high end extends up to 18kHz and remains clear all the way. Sparkle without biting too much. There is no distortion at any volume level.


  • Comes with subwoofer and a control unit
  • It has the bass volume knob
  • It has a headphone and an auxiliary port
  • Clear highs and healthy lows


  • Bass lacks clarity

The Logitech Z323 computer speaker system is the best in the under $ 50 price range. This is an impressive set that can get very loud and raucous. The small footprint and connection options allow you to connect them anywhere, from computers to home theaters. The rich and full-bodied sounds are audible even in the quietest moments of the audio and can serve a room full of people. They have all the features of the best computer speakers under € 50.

Design and features

The Logitech Z323 Computer Speaker Set consists of two satellite speakers connected to a subwoofer. The subwoofer measures approximately 7 ″ x 5 ″ x 7 ″, which is compact for such sets. It is mounted on four supports so that it has a reasonable distance from the ground. The satellite speakers are 8.3 inches high, 3.4 inches wide and 5.3 inches deep. Most of the construction is done in matte black. The front of the speakers is glossy black, as is the port on the subwoofer. In a strange design decision, Logitech left the front of the speakers unprotected with no grille. In a very dusty place, this could be a long-term problem. Together they have a total power of 30W of RMS.

This computer speaker set has a subwoofer with a 4-inch driver. The rated power is 18W RMS. The satellite speakers have Logitech’s 360-degree sound. Each satellite has two tweeters, one in the front and one in the back. The back of the sub has a ball-shaped volume knob. There is an RCA port that helps these speakers connect to older TVs and home theaters. The other connections are for the power supply and the satellite speakers. The right satellite has a master volume in the front. On the side of the speaker itself, there are a headphone output and a 3.5mm auxiliary output. Comes with all cables to set it up. In a caveat, the audio does not respond well to the movement of the cables, so we would set it up in such a way that the cables are not pulled while listening to the audio. All cables are detachable so the set won’t fail if the cables do.

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The Logitech Z323 computer speaker set offers excellent sound for the price. They have a wide range of volumes which makes them perfect to be placed in a small room with an audience such as a classroom. The subwoofers are oriented downwards and the satellite speakers are angled to use both the front and rear drivers. This creates a wider sweet spot around the seating area, thus giving full access to all frequencies even at quieter volumes.

The bass is reasonably extended. It can get a little boomy at higher than average bass volumes. This can drown the voices. The bass could be tighter but for the price it is adequate. The tweeters emit a fair amount of detail. There is some crackling due to the movement of the cable. We therefore recommend connecting the cables with adhesive tape in a permanent configuration.


  • 1 speaker system
  • Bass volume
  • Detachable cables
  • Loud and clear audio
  • RCA and aux outputs
  • Rear and front tweeter for satellite


  • Noise of cable movement

The TaoTronics TTSK018 soundbar is an innovative alternative to the usual 2.1 speaker systems. This single bar looks classy, ​​takes up less space, and is basically plug-and-play. Full and rich audio enriches the experience with movies, music and games. The simple architecture and ease of use have been highly appreciated by users. It also eliminates the need for a nest of cables, hence its place in the best computer speakers under $ 50.

Design and features

The TaoTronics TTSK018 computer speaker is a sound bar. It is 16.1 inches wide, 2.5 inches tall and 2.8 inches deep. The front is completely covered by the silver speaker grille. The back and sides are made in matte black. In the lower part there are support studs that angle the speaker upwards towards the users’ ears. One side of the speaker has a large volume dial. This is highlighted by an LED accent. It is not possible to turn off the LED light unless the unit is disconnected. So it’s a good incentive to turn off the speaker after use.

This computer speaker has a USB power cable to connect to your PC or a wall adapter. The audio is transmitted through double 3.5 mm connections, one for the audio and one for the microphone. It is also compatible with laptops if you simply plug in the audio cable. These cables are wired to the unit so as not to unduly stress them. There is also a port for the microphone output, in case you want to cut the audio at night. There is also a microphone input, in case you are playing. We found this sound bar to be an elegant solution for our PC audio. Makes less mess than a 3-piece speaker set. And you can put it directly in front of the PC. On the back of the TTSK018 there are key mounting holes for wall mounting.


The TaoTronics TTSK018 computer speaker maintains a power of 10W RMS. It has well-balanced audio that focuses equally on bass, vocals and treble. The lower registers are punchy enough for playing FPS games. But the bass doesn’t overwhelm the audio. Voices are clearly heard, especially in the era when actors believe in muttering rather than providing dialogue. The highs are smooth. There are no sibilants at higher volumes. There is no noise from moving the cable, although we recommend proper cable management for all computer speakers.

Since it’s a 10W speaker, it doesn’t offer the same volume range as the Z323. But it has two full-range speakers. So you can shoot the audio at the right angle to the user sitting in front of the PC. It wouldn’t be as effective as a PA or classroom speaker though. It is also a great alternative to large TV sound bars that take up too much space.


  • Fewer links
  • USB powered
  • Balanced audio
  • Elegant
  • Mountable


  • Could be stronger

The Dell AC511 USB Wired Sound Bar is another competitor to traditional computer speakers. These stylish devices anything but visually disappear between computers. But it still leaves a great sonic impact. Dell has designed a winner here when it comes to audio. This small portable device is USB powered and is ready to play with any device with a USB port. This is a must-have for computers under 50 euros.

Design and features

The speaker on the Dell AC511 computer is a 16-inch sound bar. It is 1.9 inches tall and 1.5 inches deep. It is smaller than the TaoTronics sound bar in shape. It has a built-in T-hook on the back to mount it directly under your PC monitor for a seamless look. The unit is designed completely in matte black with a speaker grille in the front. The architecture is less striking than TaoTronics as this is designed to blend in rather than stand out. There is a large, tactile volume knob on the side to change the master volume.

Despite Dell’s strong claims, this affordable computer speaker isn’t wireless. It has a USB connection that manages both power and digital audio. We appreciate the single connection instead of the three wires required by the TaoTronics sound bar. On the other side of the speaker, you have a headphone output port for connecting headphones when you need a private sound experience. There is also another aux output. Some users have complained that the speaker is not shielded on the inside, making it vulnerable to interference and noise. One solution is to cover the plastic parts in aluminum sheets from the inside or outside.


The Dell AC511 computer speaker packs two drivers of 1.25W each. Their stereo sound is quite expansive for the price, so much so that you can watch movies. For the price, you get an amazing deal. Dell has opted for balanced audio that does justice to all types of music and playback. The bass is decently detailed and tight. It never thins and never makes a noise. The voice rises high and clear above the bass sounds. It played the YouTube videos very clearly. We could understand the vloggers’ instructions on their background music.

The volume range isn’t as high as the Logitech Z323, so this computer speaker can’t satisfy a wider audience. But the user in front of the PC will be in the ideal position to get the maximum volume.


  • Single connection for power and music
  • Compact and portable
  • T-mount
  • Headphone output


  • The volume is limited

The Saxhorn Mini Soundbar is a great computer speaker. It is thin and light and fits perfectly under most PC monitors. This is an elegant piece to adorn the workplace, you won’t be distracted by a hideous design. The USB power cable is also an advantage when connected to the PC, hence its place in the best computer speakers under 50 euros.

Design and features

The Saxhorn computer speaker is a mini sound bar. The bar is 24 inches long. Two speakers can be seen distinctly on a glossy black surface. This may be a finger magnet, but there won’t be much opportunity to touch it once it’s fitted. It is 2.4 inches tall and 2.4 inches deep. The height is limited so that it can fit under most monitors. There are key mounting holes that can help you mount it on a wall or under the monitor. You can choose between white or black models, both with a distinctive look.

The volume knob is done in shiny contrast and placed on the front of this computer speaker. The audio and microphone output ports are also on the front, making them easily accessible. It connects to the power supply via a USB cable. The audio is transmitted through the audio cables. There are two connections for audio and microphone. Only one goes to the smartphone for audio. The cables are 3 feet long each, so you get a decent distance from the source ports. There are connectors under the drivers on both ends that raise the center of the speaker above the surface.


The Saxhorn computer speaker system offers good balanced audio for its price. The volume range is good enough if you are working close to the connected PC, but not good for broadcasting in a room. In short, don’t use it as a sound bar for TV. Compared to other units at the same price, we found the audio to be full and rich. There is a lot of bass here, even if it doesn’t get any better than what comes from a subwoofer. Bass sounds consistent when playing quieter music. Vocals sound lush on the back of a balanced rear. It is possible to clearly understand the dialogue on the background audio. The highs are smooth and never sound sibilant.

Saxhorn’s audio remains decently detailed. Unlike the Z323, there is no crackling noise due to the movement of the cable. In fact, the audio remained perfectly stable and not snappy.


  • Balanced and complete audio
  • Detailed and stable audio
  • USB powered
  • Sound bar
  • The controls are accessible


  • Separate audio cable instead of USB

The GOgroove SonaVerse Ti computer speakers are elegant tower speakers that guard your audio needs on both models. sides of your PC. These are elegant and natural in their audio presentation. Their multi-driver performance almost makes up for the lack of a subwoofer. The space-saving design and imaginative touches of the LEDs place them among the best computer speakers under 50 euros.

Design and features

The GOGroove SoneVerse Ti computer speakers are quite small but are very powerful. GoGroove boasts of a sturdy aluminum alloy body that doesn’t stand up easily. Each speaker measures 9.1 x 2.70 x 3.8 inches. The footprint is quite small. Their total weight is 1.8 lbs. The lower support is LED illuminated. This only goes off if the speakers are turned off. The set is rated at 11W RMS. There are two 1.5 ″ drivers for each speaker and a passive radiator on each. There are speaker grilles in the front and matte plastic all around. The volume wheel is inconspicuously hidden near the bottom of the right speaker.

This computer speaker connects to power through a PC USB port. The audio input is via a headphone jack. There is a volume control knob but there is no headphone or microphone output. The speakers are connected by a 2.5-foot cable which gives you enough space to position it however you want. There are no drivers to install, this set can simply be plugged in and played. This is quite durable as some users have been using them for years.


GOGroove’s GOGroove SoneVerse Ti computer speakers are very powerful for a 2.0 set. They are balanced and present the music in the most natural way possible. They have fantastic bass that only performs short of a subwoofer. The midrange is clear and full. The dialogues rise above the dense mix of instruments. The highs are crisp. There are no noises of cables or crackles during use. There is a wide range of volumes for users sitting around the computer.


  • Pungent and balanced audio
  • Elegant
  • Takes up less space
  • USB powered
  • A lot of cable length between the speakers


  • The LED is constantly on
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AmazonBasics, the Amazon store brand has a number of useful and affordable products. So when we looked for cheap computer speakers this was the first place we checked. They offer incredible value for money, which has also been the case with AmazonBasics PC speakers. This simple plug-and-play set has all the basic features for connecting to your computer. The audio quality exceeds the price expectations. What else do you need to be on the list of the best computer speakers under 50?

Design and features

AmazonBasics Computer speakers come in two models: AC Powered (A150) and USB (A100). As a casual listener using a laptop, USB powered speakers will be more useful and portable. They turn on and off with the PC. You can also avoid having a wire nest around your work area. Otherwise you can hook it up (A100) to AC power next to your desktop PC. Like most of the store’s other branded products, these speakers look simple. Their body is completely black and the front carries the speaker grille over the entire surface. We think they could have done more aesthetically.

One of the speakers has a volume knob on the front. Just below is a 3.5mm headphone jack that can be used when you want to listen privately. It also has a 3.5mm stereo audio cable attached to it for connecting to your PC. The cables are long enough for proper speaker placement. These PC speakers take up much less space on your computer desk. They have a sturdy and resistant construction.


AmazonBasics computer speakers are a hit thanks to their sound. Each speaker has a power of 2.5W, for a total of 5W per pair. The sound gets loud enough near the desk. It is easily heard in a small room. The lower registers are powerful enough to make the audio sound full. They don’t have the tinny sound like small speakers usually do. The mid-range has good clarity for its price. There is no obvious confusion for an occasional listener.

The balance between highs and lows was what we liked best. Both sides of the spectrum maintain a vigorous performance.


  • Highly accessible
  • Available in both USB and AC powered versions
  • The cables are long
  • It has a headphone jack


  • Simple

Altec Lansing won’t give up, no matter how low the budget. They create quality sound at uniform prices like those of the BXR1220 computer speakers. They have funky, light stage architecture that directs audio to your acoustic sweet spot when seated on your desk. They are USB powered and eliminate the likelihood of creating a cable trap behind your PC. Their low weight increases the portability offered by USB power. BXR1220 offers many advantages to be on the list of the best speakers for computers under 50.

Design and features

Altec Lansing BXR 1220 PC speakers have an innovative design. They look like uber-cool sentinels standing guard around your computer. The design is similar to that of a stage light. They have a cylindrical structure resting on one side. They are 8 inches long and are definitely small to accommodate. The speaker grille is on the round face. They appear to have been placed on a metal stand. The audio snaps forward and up towards you. The holder has a fixed angle. We wish they could be angled as we chose.

These computer speakers are powered by USB. The USB cable that connects to the playback devices is connected to the right speaker. It carries a volume wheel on the top and a power button on the back. The stereo power cord is 4.5 feet and a half. The distance between the two speakers is only 3.5 feet. The lack of a headphone jack didn’t strike us as disastrous. But the absence of an aux-in port was definitely disappointing.


Altec Lansing BXR1220 computer speakers offer the same sound quality we expect from their package. The volume is loud enough for one person sitting in front of the desk. This is not a speaker to take to parties with noisy teenagers. The low end has tight control and doesn’t spill into the mids, a common mistake that most other speakers in this price range make. The clarity of the midrange makes for decent audio that casual listeners will appreciate a lot.

The audio is balanced and sounds natural. Bass isn’t guttural like larger speakers, but it’s good for the price and size. These sit comfortably in the first percentile of well-performing speakers.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Audio and power through the same USB cable
  • Decent audio
  • Elegant design


  • No auxiliary input and headphone jack

Logitech has built a niche in affordable computer speakers. In our price range, the Z313 speakers offer great sound for entry level systems. They manage to keep the boom and the rattle at bay. Their sonic performance is consistent across the spectrum. They perform well with a moderate level of detail in the low, medium and high ranges. Casual listeners who want PC speakers for movies, music and games will find the Z313 to suit all of this. This 2.1 system has reached our best computer speakers under 50.

Design and features

The Logitech Z313 PC Speakers are available as a set of subwoofers, two satellite speakers and a control unit. The woofer has a simple appearance and can be placed outside the system. It features a 4-inch low frequency driver. Satellites take up less space than many speakers on the market. They stand 5.75 inches tall on a 3.5-inch square base. Their rear arches to shoot the sound angled upwards towards the user.

This desktop computer system is semi wired. A wired control unit is used to perform the basic functions of the Z313. It has a volume and power control. A line-in port allows you to connect to the computer. A headphone port on it allows you to quickly drown the music and listen to it on headphones. The absence of the bass volume knob was evident since this system is equipped with a sub. But it’s convenient to have all the controls and ports so close to hand.


Most people choose a 2.1 system instead of a 2.0 system because of the bass. If you are using your computer for gaming, then the subwoofer can transform your gaming experience. At least the Logitech Z313 desktop speaker can do that. The bass is full and powerful. They are perceived clearly without any distortion. Sufficient attention is paid to the mids. The bass does not confuse the mids at the transition frequencies.

The highs lack the same punch we got from the lows. So the highs sound a bit blunt. It can be enhanced with your system’s equalizer.


  • Punchy bass and natural response
  • No distortion or hissing
  • It has a control unit
  • Compact satellite speakers


  • The highs are thin
  • No bass level control

The Logitech Multimedia Z200 computer speakers are a nice looking set. This is a pair of 2.5-inch dual-driver speakers that play a bit with enthusiasm for bass. The audio is clear and much more dynamic than what one would expect from a speaker under 50 euros. All controls are positioned in a manageable way. They come in a combination of silver black and a combination of white and gray. We are in love with the latter, so much so that we have chosen them to be on our best list of computer speakers under 50.

Design and features

The Logitech Z200 PC Speakers are 12 inches tall and have a 4 ″ x 4 ″ base. They are placed in an inclined position on a connected metal stand. The two speakers on the front face are surrounded by a contrasting color. This simple highlight makes them extremely stylish despite their price tag. From the point of view of height, they take up more space than the usual speakers like Earise.

The one on the right of this PC speaker set carries all the controls and ports. Its front side has the volume knob. It is flanked by a headphone jack and an aux-in port. On one side of a speaker, you have the tone control wheel which controls the bass. In addition to the power cord and the cable for the other speaker, there is also a stereo cable connected to it. This ends with a 3.5mm jack and can be plugged directly into your computer’s audio out port.


2.0 speaker systems usually don’t produce good bass. The Logitech Z200 desktop speakers use their height to include a passive radiator. As a result, the bass performance is remarkable. You get the right emphasis for music and movies. When playing, the whir of the helicopter blades and the gunshots are full. The mids and highs are decently littered with detail. We wouldn’t say that any aspect of their audio is breathtaking. But given the price, we found the lows that exceed expectations and the mids and highs that satisfy them.

Z200 distorts at high volumes. And the low volumes aren’t very powerful. So it works best at moderate volumes.


  • Pungent bass
  • Volume and bass controls
  • Long strands
  • Elegant looks


  • Bass distorts at high volume
  • The bass volume knob is not effective

The Cyber ​​Acoustics CA-3090 computer speaker is a highly affordable 2.1 speaker system. Cyber ​​Acoustics has won us over with the amount of features it offers at this price point. The good number of accessories and all comfortably accessible controls convinced us to put the CA-3090 on the list of the best computer speakers under 50. It is almost like the CA-3602 but the power handling capability of the CA-3090 is less. For the casual listener who works at the desk all day, this change is not significant.

Design and features

Cyber ​​Acoustics CA-3090 PC speakers include a subwoofer, two satellite speakers, a control unit and a telephone rack. The subwoofer features a 4-inch Power Pro driver for thundering bass response. The satellites are made in glossy black with metal support. Each of them contains a 2-inch driver. All important speaker controls and ports are located on the control pod. The rack is simply a holder that holds your smartphone or MP3 player when connected to the speakers.

These computer speakers use the control unit for switching on and off. Its top face is a volume dial lined with silent LED lights that indicate power status. It also carries the headphone jack and 3.5mm aux-in port. There is a bass control knob on the right speaker to adjust the bass levels.


The Cyber ​​Acoustics CA-3090 desktop speaker set has a 2.5W driver each on the satellites. The subwoofer can handle 5W RMS power. Together they can create enough ruckus for a small room. The volume gets loud for the person on the desk. The amount of bass the subwoofer outputs is reasonable. It’s nothing visceral, but it’ll be fine.

The midrange and highs sound crisp and full. With an audiophile, opinion may be different. But then she or he should invest more to buy hi-end speakers. At its price, the CA-3090 is a bargain.


  • 1 speaker system
  • Very low price
  • Comes with a control capsule and a phone rack
  • All controls are at your fingertips


  • None

Creative has a whole range of creatively priced speakers and the A250 computer speaker is one of them. This 2.1 speaker set looks a bit shoddy for our taste, but it does the job, so we can’t complain, the audio it brings is its biggest win. It also makes good use of the floor space so your computer desk doesn’t fill up with speaker junk, lacks some controls and ports we might have wanted, but nothing irreplaceable. The A250 certainly completes the most important requirements to be among the best computer speakers under 50.

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Design and features

The Creative A250 PC speaker system is light on the footprint. The subwoofer turned out to be smaller than we expected and we enjoyed the little favors God does for us. The two satellite speakers also take up limited space. They don’t look particularly sweet, but they are better cared for than the AmazonBasics speaker set.

The sub features a down-firing driver with a passive bass radiator in the front. There is no bass knob on the speakers. The volume control is on the right side of the right satellite. We missed the bass volume knob, aux-in port, and headphone port on these computer speakers. They connect to the playback source via a stereo cable ending in a 3.5mm plug.


While the lack of ports and bass volume is disappointing, the Creative’s audio response at 250 redeems it. The sound is full of healthy, subdued bass in the music. The mids and highs are based on this strong support of the low registers. Overall collaboration between bass, midrange and treble is good. This creates a tonally balanced response. Refinement is constant throughout the frequency spectrum. The sound of this speaker is striking for its price. However, it cannot match the expensive CA-3602.


  • Full and balanced audio
  • 1 set of speakers
  • Has a stereo cable connected


  • No bass knob
  • Without headphones, auxiliary port

Earise AL-101 mini computer speaker is a surprise product we found while looking for the best computer speakers under $ 50. This relatively unknown speaker is sold at very low prices. So we decided to give it a try. To our surprise it did everything we expected from a speaker under 50 euros. It is a compact and lightweight set that looks very cool for its price. The audio is pleasant for an occasional listener. We found it adorable enough to be among the best computer speakers under 50.

Design and features

The Earise AL-101PC speaker is a lightweight peripheral that takes up negligible space on your desk. It measures 4 ″ x 4 ″ at the base and is approximately 7 inches tall. The total weight of the pair of speakers is only 14.4 ounces. From a weight point of view they are portable. If you are going on vacation and have space in your luggage, you can probably take it with you. The front is all black with a yellow highlight around the metallic driver. The other three sides have a glossy gray finish that is easy to see.

The two computer speakers are connected to each other via a 58-inch cable. Another wire connected to the right speaker is used to connect to the power supply and audio output. The wire is split into a 3.5mm audio jack and a USB jack. You can get a USB hub for connecting to the power supply. There is an inline volume control that covers the entire volume range. We haven’t heard any complaints about frequent failures even for the price.


There’s no point in criticizing the Earise desktop speakers, given their cost coordinates. As a casual listener, the sound was clear and nuanced. There was no bass boom. The bass isn’t as good as the 2.1 sets, but it’s nice. The sonic response is well rounded. The highs are well balanced with the lows for a natural sound. All the elements sound very good together. There is no bass distortion. There is no crackle in the silence between two songs. The highs don’t get sibilant. It’s more than we expected from these computer speakers.


  • Pleasant sound
  • No distortion, hissing or crackling
  • Good-looking speakers
  • Lightweight
  • Covered by USB


  • The cables are short

The Logitech S120 computer speakers are a simple and inexpensive set with Logitech’s audio standard. They look quite elegant and take up limited desk space. There is something about the subtle curves that makes them look quite Bond-like next to the PC. They are exceptionally stable and equipped with only the most important controls and ports. You can use them for movies and music and for a regular customer. If you are a music fan, you need to expand your budget. Logitech S120 offers an excellent return on investment and speed up to the best computer speakers under 50.

Design and features

The PC S120 speakers from Logitech They measure 7 inches tall each. The base is 2.5 inches long and approx. The front has an aesthetically pleasing speaker grill. On the right speaker there is a separate panel with a volume knob. Below it is a headphone jack. There is a power supply LED on the right speaker. In the lower part there are rubber studs that maintain the balance of S120 on their small base.

This computer speaker has an AC power cord. It does not use USB power despite its size. A power switch is also located on the right speaker. A stereo cable comes out of the back and ends with a 3.5mm jack that connects to the audio out port on your laptop or PC.


The Logitech S120 desktop speakers allow for a power handling capacity of 2.3W. They pump audio through a 2.5-inch driver each. We were quite happy with the audio performance for the price. A loud sound is obtained. As a casual listener, you will not notice any noticeable irregularities, such as distortion or sibilance. This is the best we could ask for at this price.

If you are a fan of classical or orchestral music and want to hear every note and slit, upgrade to a better computer speaker like the Altec Lansing VS2621.


  • Gentle looks
  • No external battery bricks
  • Decent audio


  • The audio quality is fine, not great

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    We’d recommend these to anyone looking for a simple, no-fuss upgrade, and it comes to you from Bose, who has made their mark with un-fussy electronics. You simply connect them to your headphone jack and turn the volume knob up or down. The sound is greatly improved, more rich and detailed than any laptop speaker, and you get the convenience of a volume knob and a headphone jack within reach.

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    3. Audioengine HD3: https://www.crutchfield.com/i-rYTVc2LJ/p_772HD3WN/Audioengine-HD3-Walnut.html

    The Audioengine HD3 make for a superlative computer speaker system. They’re small, attractive, and let you make a digital connection to your computer. They’re built well and play bigger and deeper than their size suggests. Like all Audioengine speakers, they provide beautiful stereo separation and pinpoint imaging. On the front of one speaker is a handy volume knob, along with a built-in headphone amp that can power most headphones. The HD3 really are an all-in-one desktop audio solution.

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    5. KEF LS50 Wireless II: https://www.crutchfield.com/i-rYTVc2LJ/p_991LS50W2R/KEF-LS50-Wireless-II-Crimson-Red.html

    Ok, we’re playing around with the format of this video a little here, because the KEF LS50 Wireless II speakers are definitely not “computer speakers” per se. We just love how they sound so much, and they will work with your computer either using Bluetooth or over your home wi-fi network. They’re great for larger rooms because not only do they have a ton of power, but due to KEF’s Uni-Q design, the “sweet spot” is almost anywhere you’re standing.

    The LS50II let you connect a bunch of ways. Over your home wi-fi network you can stream hi-res files from a service like TIDAL or Qobuz, or access locally stored digital files using the KEF app or Apple AirPlay 2. There’s an HDMI input with Enhanced Audio Return Channel, so these make excellent TV speakers. If you’re in an open layout and need big sound, the KEF LS50 Wireless II are a good choice.

    Crutchfield, America’s trusted electronics specialist since 1974, has award-winning customer service, free lifetime tech support, and free shipping on most orders. Shop for all your audio and video needs at Crutchfield.com and sign up for the catalog and email newsletter at http://www.crutchfield.com

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