What is the difference between a tablet and a smartphone? What is better to buy to surf the Internet, shoot photos and videos, play games and work in a taxi.

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Smartphone and tablet: the differences between smart devices

Portable smart devices are widely used by modern man. Functionally, mobile devices can replace a computer. Many users think that it is better – a smartphone or tablet, on which the device stops choosing for the solution of various tasks. Given the similarity of the functions performed and the integration trends in the development of mobile technology, it is difficult to understand the fundamental difference between the considered devices. However, it is.

Define terms

The word “smartphone” is made up of two English words “smart” and “phone” (smartphone). The name stuck to the mobile phone with an operating system that was equipped with the functions of a laptop.Based on the definition, it follows that the main function of the smartphone is communication.


The term “tablet” comes from the French word planchette (“plate”). Called a subtype of computer, they are made in the form of a compact candy bar in the “plate” format with a touch screen. Due to its compact size, the tablet belongs to the categories of mobile computers.


Note! The most common operating systems for the gadgets in question are Android, Windows and iOS.

Key Features

Because the tablet is a portable PC by definition and is not intended for cellular calls, not all models support telecom operator cards and the earpiece.. The exceptions are separate tablet models with a phone function, in which the developers provided the possibility of voice communication. However, such devices are divided into a separate subgroup called “tablet phones”.

It’s important! Portable flat screen PCs support IP telephony and conferencing via Skype or other similar applications. In this case you may need to talk through headphones.Smartphones support the same function, you don’t need a headset to communicate.

An important point when answering the question of how a tablet differs from a smartphone is the size of the screen. Measures and weight. A 7-inch screen diagonal is the smallest and most common size for tablets. On offer are devices with a screen diagonal of 8, 9.7, 10.1 inches. Smartphones can be compact with a display diagonal of 4 to 5.5 inches or with a large screen of 5.5 to 7 inches. The latter belong to the subgroup that received the name phablet (from the English words phone and tablet). A small mobile phone can be held in one hand, it can be easily put in a pocket during transport. And to fix the tablet you need both hands, you need to carry a bag.

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Another striking nuance – screen orientation. The smartphone’s display is oriented vertically, while the opponent’s screen is oriented horizontally. Of course, the orientation can be changed, but by default it’s just that, and the basic functionality is “sharpened” for that location.

tablet orientation

Ease of use of functionality

Consider the different scenarios for using gadgets to understand the difference between a smartphone and a tablet and which one is better

Browse the Internet

Both of the considered devices offer the user access to the World Wide Web. For home internet, the obvious advantage of a tablet over a smartphone is the large screen.

  1. You can easily watch movies and videos with the gadget.
  2. Found text information can be viewed more conveniently on the big screen.
  3. The tablet monitor displays more text when reading publications online.
  4. In order to improve the speed of the Internet connection via the Wi-Fi network at home, it is easier to organize the connection of the device to the router.

 Girl with tablet

The advantage of having a smartphone to access the Internet is its greater mobilitywhen it is necessary to access the network outside the home.

  1. Always at hand because it fits easily in your bag for transport.
  2. By installing SIM cards, modern mobile phones can be connected to the Internet using 3G / LTE technology. A high-speed connection is available almost everywhere, while WiFi coverage may not be organized everywhere.
  3. You can use the device as a wireless router for other mobile devices.

Work with text documents

Both gadgets can work with various office applications:

  • You can conduct business or private correspondence via e-mail programs or chats.
  • Create, edit and save documents, tabular reports and other notes for office work;
  • Provide access to cloud storage.

View documents on a smartphone

For working at home in multitasking mode with text information, the tablet PC is more suitable. To device can connect peripherals: mouse, keyboard, multifunction device. The smartphone supports office applications. If necessary, you can do urgent work outside the home. However, viewing the information on a small screen is not as convenient.

Photo and video recordings

Functional photo and video capture support both wearable devices. However, tablet PCs perform worse than those that smartphones are equipped with.

According to the experience and feedback of the owners, a mobile phone is more suitable for this function:

  • It’s easier to fix the gadget in your hands and it’s easier for you to focus on the subject.
  • Frames are achieved with higher quality due to the best features of the main camera.
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Take a picture on a smartphone

Note! Edit recorded material. Video editing is more practical on a larger monitor.


Play the game more interestingly with the tablet than from a smartphone. Users like a high-quality picture on a wide screen. This is especially important for games with a lot of small details. Lovers of simple arcades and puzzle games are very suitable for a modern mobile phone display.

 Play on tablet

Hardware differences

The functional characteristics of the opponents of the comparison are due to the hardware component. In the middle price category (12-15 thousand rubles), the computing platform of tablets is almost as powerful as a budget smartphone for the same money:

  • CPU 4-8 cores 1.5-2.5GHz;
  • RAM 1-3GB.

The main differences of the tablet lie in the following nuances.

  1. They are equipped more powerful graphics accelerators. Games with “pumped graphics” run better on such a device than on a mobile phone.
  2. Internal memory is usually higher.
  3. The slot for expandable storage formats MicroSD can also be a larger volume.
     card slot
  4. The configuration of sensors, built-in speakers and microphones, and ports for connecting external devices are different.
  5. Battery with large capacity, but almost all the benefits consume the power consumption of the dimension screen. In smartphones in the budget category, the battery is usually removable and can be easily replaced in the event of a failure. A tablet with such a breakdown must be repaired.

Other functions

Both devices can be used to work in a taxi with a client base support program. Important requirements for the successful operation of the gadget as follows:

  • Presence in the configuration modules for navigation (GPS and / or GLONASS);
  • Powerful built-in antenna for communication;
  • large battery;
  • Personal preference regarding screen dimensions.

Note! Among the taxi drivers there are supporters of both devices. Many people consider two models in one: tablet phones and phablets.

Final Conclusions

Each of the above opponents are good: they have advantages in certain areas of application, but they are also not without disadvantages. What to buy – each buyer is determined by personal needs. For the successful operation of a mobile device it is important to choose the best prices..

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